Mistakes to Avoid when Traveling with Kids

Planning a vacation is hard enough but one with children can have its adventurous perks. Despite making multiple contingency plans, endless checklists and all the arrangements you can, somehow, something can always go wrong. We hope these pointers will help you avoid some common mistakes that are made by most parents. 

Here are some mistakes you can avoid when traveling with kids:

Not checking deals and packages in advance  

One common mistake made by families and large groups is that- they do not do enough research while planning their holiday. Many places offer budget-friendly deals especially for families, so make sure you check out the deals before you make any bookings. 

Forgetting COVID-19 protocols
If you are traveling during the lockdown, do not forget about these COVID-19 safety rules. 

Face masks: Carry multiple reusable masks. If you are wearing a surgical mask, wear a cloth mask over it. If you are wearing an N-95 mask you do not need to wear another mask over it. 

Hand sanitizers: Carry your own sanitizers, one bottle each for every family member. If you are traveling with pets don’t forget to carry a pet-safe sanitizer too. If you are traveling by flight, don’t carry too much liquid sanitizer in your check-in bag since there is a limit set by the airlines. 

Disinfectant wipes or sprays: You are going to be touching a lot of surfaces when traveling, so disinfect surfaces before you touch them with your bare hands. 

Download the COVID tracing apps: A lot of the places require you to show your status on COVID tracing apps before you can enter the place. Keep these apps downloaded prior to your journey to avoid any trouble. 

Travel pass: Don’t forget to get a travel pass for the place you are traveling to. 

Important Documents: If you are traveling by flight, you need to carry the latest negative RT-PCR reports of all the family members. Fill out the Health Declaration Form, this can be downloaded from the airline’s website. Check with your own country and the destination what the updated Visa rules are. Check if the destination requires an international health insurance plan and carry those documents if it does. 

Travel to non-lockdown areas: You wouldn’t want to reach a destination and realize that the place is under lockdown. So do a thorough research before finalizing your destination. Check if there are any strict travel restrictions or you will be stuck in a city which is not your own.

Not carrying snacks
It’s always a better idea to not rely on airport food/street food because an upset tummy can ruin an entire trip. Carry healthy and yummy snacks for your kids to munch. If you’re traveling with pets don’t forget to pack their favorite kibbles too.

Overpacking luggage
You don’t need to carry 12 pairs of clothes for 12 different days, instead, switch them up and carry some detergent to do a quick wash or opt for the laundry service at the hotel. If you have older kids, let them have their own backpacks, this will create a sense of responsibility and independence in them.

Not setting a budget 

You tend to let yourself loose when you’re on vacation and it’s all fun and games until the bill arrives. Your biggest expenses will be accommodation and food, so note your daily expenses, if you end up saving, splurge it the next day! Don’t forget to keep some extra cash for each kid to buy a souvenir. 

Not booking the right accommodation
If you are traveling with a toddler, check if the hotel has facilities like a 24×7 open kitchen and a doctor on call. Check if they have a playground supervised by an adult to keep children engaged or even a daycare if you need to pamper yourself to a spa. If you are traveling with pets, make sure you choose a pet-friendly hotel. You can also ask the hotel if they have services for grooming dogs because your pet deserves a relaxing spa day as well. 

Forgetting medicines
Travel with all the necessary medicines and don’t rely on buying them at the destination.
A basic first-aid kit should be carried and must include painkillers, nausea medicines bandages, antiseptic wipes, first-aid manual, band-aids, thermometer, gauze rolls and pads, cold pack, scissors, safety pins, tape, emergency contact details and any other specific medicines your child would require. If you’re traveling with a pet, you must keep copies of their deworming papers, vaccination records, and their medicines handy as well. It is also advisable to keep a pet emergency kit too. 

Depending on the in-flight entertainment

A restless child can be disturbing to you and the other passengers as well. Carry their favorite toys, coloring books, board games and puzzles to keep them entertained. If you have your pet traveling with you, consider using hemp seed oil to relax them as traveling can be a daunting task for your pet. However, you must ask your vet before you give your pet any medications. 

Using public wi-fi
Never use public or restaurant wi-fi in new places, they cannot be trusted and you could be jeopardizing your safety and personal details. Ask your kids to not share personal details with any strangers. 

Reaching a destination at night 

Reaching a new destination in the dark can waste a whole day and can be unsafe when you’re traveling with kids. 

Not checking up once you’ve arrived
Once you arrive at your destination, all you want to do is kick your feet up and relax. But check up on your kids once you arrive because a change in weather can affect your kids’ health. Check up on your pet too, they might have defecated or vomited while traveling, hence it is important to carry dog grooming essentials like pet wipes, a pooper scooper, gloves and doggie bags with you. Alternatively, ask the hotel if they have grooming services for dogs in and around the area. 

The most important mistake you should avoid- not having enough fun!

As a parent, it is likely to be constantly worried and get caught up in the rules. Let yourself and the kids be free, that’s the whole point of the vacation! Use the vacation to explore, learn and understand not just the parts of the place you’re visiting, but of yourself too. 

New destinations open your kids to new perspectives and cultures and help them in expanding their horizons. When you travel with your children you’re making memories they will cherish throughout their life. So no matter how hard it is to travel with kids, it is always worth it. 

We hope these tips help in making traveling with your kids easier and more fun. 

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