Everything You Need To Know About Flying with Cebu Pacific airline

Cebu Pacific Air is the Philippines’ largest airline in terms of routes and air traffic, so if you’re looking to travel throughout the islands on a cheap, you’ll most likely fly with them. 

The airline now serves 24 foreign destinations as well as more than 30 domestic destinations. Cebu Pacific Air is the country’s aviation industry innovator, having been the first to implement web check-in, e-ticketing, and seat selection in the Philippines. 

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Flying with a well-known low-cost carrier. 

What’s Included 

Your luggage will only comprise one bag with a maximum weight of seven kilos in carry-on baggage, as is common with most budget carriers. For domestic flights, check luggage can cost as little as 200 PHP, bringing them on par with other low-cost airlines. 

Overweight luggage is normally not as stringent as other airlines, however, this varies. Also, reserve any additional luggage requirements at the time of booking; it will be more expensive to add it to your ticket later and make sure it does not exceed this limit at check-in. 

Each passenger may bring one compact bag that is not larger than 35cm x 20cm x 20cm in addition to one hand-carry bag. Handbags, purses, and laptop bags that fit beneath the seat are included. Dangerous products, such as power banks with more than 3200mAh capacity, are not permitted. 

Another best thing about the Cebu Pacific Air is that it lets you carry Solid food items which can be carried on or checked, however liquid or gel food products bigger than 3.4 oz are not allowed in carry-on luggage and should be checked if feasible. 

Airline Seats 

Cebu Pacific, like most low-cost carriers, places a premium on seat capacity over passenger satisfaction. Even on foreign flights, seat dimensions are similar to those on domestic flights, and there is no entertainment. However, while the prices are low, don’t anticipate much more than the bare essentials. On some of their newest aircraft, however, USB charging outlets 

are provided for passengers, and certain itineraries provide in-flight WiFi for a fee.

Airline Crew 

Even outside of the service business, Filipinos are courteous and cordial toward foreigners and strangers, and this is where the airline can frequently excel compared to other similar airlines. There is always the possibility of encountering unpleasant or impatient employees, but in general, airline employees are courteous and eager to assist clients with any issues. Not to mention that the crew members are highly accommodating. 

Airline Meal 

You may pre-book your meal on their website, and though the pricing won’t be lower, you’ll know you’ll have a meal at the very least. They don’t always have all of the snacks and meals on the menu for flights, and goods might sell out quickly, especially if you’re at the back of the plane. 

If you know you’ll be hungry throughout the journey, it’s best to schedule it ahead of time. As you might think, costs are a little more and quantities are less than on the ground, but they’re still reasonably priced and suitable as a last-minute supper. 

Flying With Cebu Pacific Air is Safe 

Cebu Pacific presently has the highest safety rating, according to the Airline rating website, based on the airline’s IOSA (International Air Transport Association Operation Safety Audit). Based on safety assessments done over the previous few years, Cebu Pacific has received 

a 7-star rating (the best possible). Even in less-than-ideal weather circumstances, takeoff and landing are exceptionally smooth and accurate. 

Waiting Time 

If you’re traveling domestically between local airports, there won’t be much of a line; but, for international flights and those between larger hubs like Manila and Cebu, expect to wait and arrive early. 

Flying with Cebu Pacific Air 

The airline offers special rates on both local and international flights on a regular basis, allowing you to purchase flights at a discount. These cheap tickets are normally available before big holiday periods, however, the length of time varies. 

If you want to save money, follow their Twitter account, which updates information about specials and discounts on a regular basis. Because these fares tend to sell out rapidly, make sure to book one as soon as possible if you spot one. Check fares on our website for special offers, which are updated on a regular basis.

COVID-19 Precautions 

Following the global coronavirus epidemic, flying in 2020 will be a completely different narrative than in previous years, with new objectives in terms of travel. 

As far as we’ve observed, Cebu Pacific has been quite safe in terms of COVID-19 safeguards; face masks or covers are required, the plane’s interior is cleansed following flights, and all employees wear proper PPE. 

Refunds for canceled flights are a time-consuming procedure, and airlines already have a large backlog of refunds to handle that is only growing. Cebu Pacific, unlike some other airlines, has been explicit in its instructions on how to file for refunds, and its customer care is rather speedy. 

If you can’t wait for your cash return, the airline also provides a Travel Fund that you may utilize on their website to get a refund sooner. So if your flight gets canceled and you are running late, you need not worry about it as Cebu Pacific has arrangements for you. 


Cebu Pacific is a little more flexible than other low-cost carriers like AirAsia, but it’s still advisable to keep your luggage under the limit despite the airline’s accommodating nature and incentives towards extra luggage so, come early because it depends on how the airport workers are on any given day. 

In terms of safety and customer satisfaction, the airline is one of the better low-cost airlines. However, you should not expect a full-service airline experience; they are still a cheap airline, and the journey will reflect that.