How To Make Your Trade Show Table Top Display Outstanding

One of the most important factors to consider in most trade shows and events is the display since that is what customers are more likely to come into contact with when they visit your stall. The tabletop should be compelling with custom printed company logo tablecloths so as to create a first-time impression with your prospects. In this post, we have shared some ideas that could help you create a more compelling and effective display.

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1. Create the appropriate display for your work

There are hundreds and thousands of tabletop displays out there that are designed in a multiple of styles. So, you need to choose the right display that is appropriate for your trade show. In fact, the best thing to do here is to first observe what styles other exhibitors are using for their tabletop displays. What size of the display will the event have? Will it be appropriate to use larger tabletop displays with great graphics? Or will it be appropriate to use smaller style displays? Some events will require small style displays; however, if you see other exhibitors are using larger tabletop displays with great graphics, you should also buy one that can make you stand out from the cloud

Another thing to consider is the cost that you will have to incur for your display. Is it cost-effective? How will you get the display to the event? If you are going to a local trade show exhibition, are your staffs able to get the display to the event and set it up?

2. Consider incorporating a printed able cover

Customers will be able to spot your table including your company logo from a distance if you add a printed table top cover. Most exhibitors tend to use the normal table cover that is not printed that is offered by event organizers. Most of the time this covers are not new and compelling and could even not match with the colors of your display. Printed table covers may have standard designs including some few logos or great designs printed with images of high-grade colors. To be able to stand out from the crowd, it is advisable to use custom printed company logo tablecloths so that you can utilize your space effectively.

3. Ensure you create visuals that capture the attention of prospects within the first 2 to 3 seconds

Yes, you are supposed to make a great impact on your booth visitors within the first 3 seconds they check on your booth. How do you capture prospects’ attention within 3 seconds of visiting your booth? Ensure you create great visuals and graphics that are remarkable and pass the message you are communicating.

In most trade shows, you will find larger images that are intended to communicate an overall message like the theme of the campaign. The images are then followed by a company logo and a tagline. When crafting your tagline and theme, ensure it emphasizes the key points that you want to convey.

4. Take advantage of your booth space

After you have got the right tablecloth, with eye-catching and compelling images, so your table cover complements your display, you still need to go a step further and maximize the entire booth space. You need to avoid cluttering your booth so try to use retractable banner stands.

5. Minimize the disorder

It doesn’t mean that having a larger table requires you to clutter it with handful flyers and brochures. Ensure your table top is clear and no obstacle that could make it difficult for your booth visitors to see what you offer.

Choosing Trade Show Table Cover

Your presentation matters a lot when it comes to the trade show business. Below are ideas on how to choose trade show table cover. The coverings that you will use in your tabletop are your windows into your expertise. Note that since you will have to cover your table top, you need to have a good and eye-catching cover.

• Wild and crazy

What you imagine is what you can do unless you limit yourself from imagining. If you can imagine it, you can be able to put it on your table covering. You could decide to put a huge eye covering the whole front or anything depending on what you want your booth visitors to know about what you are offering.

• Plain

This is where you can use only a single color. A single color could attract the attention of your booth visitors especially if what you are displaying; the items on the table can attract customers. You may decide to make everything simple.

• Logo

A logo and name of your company could make a great impact. Note that a logo will act as your identifier. A logo will tell prospects what you are and what you do. Ensure to make it simple with no distractions.

• Message board

Here, you have the freedom to say what you want to say. You have all the space to do it, note that people might not read your message board but chances are that they will read it.

Are custom printed table covers perfect for your job?

If you have ever been to any trade shows, you must admit to having seen various exhibits and booth spaces with exceptional setups. It doesn’t matter what tabletop display you will find in trade shows but what matters is how to promote your brand. How will you be able to draw in prospects? You may decide to use huge graphics, retractable banners or giveaways. All these are components that are helpful when it comes to attracting prospects to your booth space.

A custom printed table cover will make your tablecloth more attractive since you can incorporate images, your business name, and logo. The good thing is that you are not limited to adding anything you want including your web address. You can decide to mix materials and colors so long as you draw in prospective customers to your booth space.


If you put into consideration the above-mentioned factors, you will be able to capture the attention of your booth visitors within the first 3 seconds they visit your booth. Note that you want to stand out from the competition and therefore, you should ensure to be unique in your own way