What to wear to complement your body shape

How often do you like a dress which does not fit you properly or look good on? Most of us are not aware of our body shape which makes shopping and getting dressed a daunting task.

The most common question most women ask while trying dresses or getting dressed for any occasion is “Does it look good on me?” If you are aware of your body shape it will save you a lot of time shopping and a lot of space in your closet.

Here is a brief of different body shapes and guide on how to dress according to your body type:

1. Pear Shape:

If your hips are wider than your shoulders then you have a pear shape body. Wear more fitted or structured tops as they draw attention towards your narrow shoulders and waist. For the lower part of the body, add layers. The flares will highlight your beautiful curves. You can choose from A-line dresses, princess cuts, waist-length jacket, crop tops, spaghetti straps, dropped and embellished necklines, open backs, dramatic sleeves, and belted styles.

2. Inverted Triangle:

Inverted triangle body shape women have wider shoulders and bust as compared to their hips. Wear dresses which create a balance between your slim bottom and wide upper half. Opt for dresses which have narrow V-neck and are nipped in waists and flared at the hip. You may even choose to wear collarless or strapless tops as it will divert the focus from your wide and prominent shoulders. You may select from lightly coloured tops, strapless tops, and off-shoulder tops. For bottoms opt for pants with wide legs like boot cuts, cargo pants or trouser cut jeans. For dresses go for A-line or ballerina style skirts.

3. Rectangle Shape:

Rectangle shape women are not curvaceous. Your shoulders, waist and hip measurements are almost same. While dressing, remember to keep volume either on the upper half or the bottoms. Go for dresses and tops that focus on your arms, shoulders, and waist. Add layers according to your waistline for example if you are slender opt for fitted style bottoms. Best suited dresses will be halter style, racer-back, scoop and round necklines, strapless and tank styles, belted style, and vertical stripes.

4. Hourglass Shape:

Hourglass body shape women are curvaceous. Their bust and hip measurement are same, but their waistline is well-defined. You are blessed if you have this body shape. Say yes to all the fitted outfits. Structured and tailored silhouettes are perfect to accentuate all the curves. Best choices include wrap tops, peplum blouses, V-neck, round neck, boat neck, tank top, cap sleeve, flutter sleeve, trench coat, fitted blazers, and bomber jackets. You can opt for any types of dress, just beware of flowy style dresses; add a belt or designer gold earrings and you are good to go. For bottoms, you can opt for skinny jeans, leggings, and fitted jumpsuits. Find Custom Tank Tops here.

It is not necessary that your body shape will remain same. With gain or loss in weight, your body shape may change. Recipe for a perfect dressing is to be confident and wear outfits according to your body shape.