LinkedIn Automation Tools for Lead Generation

LinkedIn automation is a widespread technological concept that is gaining popularity for the last 3 to 4 years. It includes the use of specific tools or programs to send connection requests, page following, share posts, and view/send messages automatically. No wonder that they contribute significantly to potential lead generation.   

Implementation of LinkedIn Automated tools cuts the manual effort; therefore, you can complete all the activities with efficiency. But unfortunately, not many people are aware of these programs or know their proper usage. 

As a result, today, this article will talk about 10 Linkedin Automation Tools through which you can generate leads for your business effectively. 

What Is LinkedIn Automation?

Now, what is automation?- use specific tactics or software to automate your tasks, thereby simplifying the tasks to a great extent. Am I right? So recently, Linkedin has become a preferred channel for youngsters to expand their professional network. 

You can expand your business, get organic followers, connect with industry leaders and exploit many other similar opportunities. As the ideology of social selling is becoming more common over the last few years, LinkedIn has come up with a number of automation tools for managing messaging, connection requests, profile visits, etc. 

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the marketing activity of generating and obtaining an interest in a product or service in order to build a sales funnel. Maximizing the number of lads for your business is much different than the method to get Instagram Followers.  

I am sure most of you have come across this term but do you know what this means? Lead Generation is much more than just a marketing method. As soon as you employ a lead generation campaign or program to your business, it serves a plethora of purposes.

Apart from getting closer to qualified sales leads, you also get opportunities to enhance your brand awareness and strengthen relationships with your audience. The fundamentals of lead generation are nothing new; it has been there since time immemorial. However, the methods and channels have undergone significant changes. 

Why Must You Give Importance To LinkedIn Automation Tools For Lead Generation?

Precisely, LinkedIn is a part of the sales process that reduces the complexity of relationship building and conservation initiation. Undoubtedly, these two are crucial aspects of Social Media Lead Generation. 

A popular term in social media marketing is “ Qualified leads arrive from a high-quality audience.” Hence, the very first step for your startup will be getting more and more organic leads. Automated tools on LinkedIn can serve this purpose very well. 

That said, we have elaborated here some rationale or benefits of using LinkedIn Automation Tools in terms of generating leads:

  • You can customize your mass outreach in your own way. The outreach messages and interactions will therefore remain organic despite reaching out to numerous people.  
  • These tools save your valuable time as you just relax while they regulate the connection request and get in touch with leads step by step. 
  •  Imagine what would happen if you get rid of investing time in deriving your campaign reports. Sounds cool, right? These incredible automated features allow you to glance at the leads who replied to your posts and responded to your proposals.
  • These pre-programmable aids combine with a series of other effective marketing and lead-generating digital equipment, for example, Integromat. In this way, you can make sure that your LinkedIn marketing is a multichannel approach.
  • Last but not least, explore various outreach requests to check their responsiveness through A/B Testing. In this regard also, these self-regulating platforms make the task less time-consuming and uncomplicated.  

10 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools In 2021 For Lead Generation

Now that you have already known how wonderful are the benefits of using LinkedIn automated systems, half of your headache is gone. It is time to know which tools are the best in the market. So without wasting any more time, let us get started.

1. Zopto

Zopo leveraged the lead generation efforts of the sales teams. The principal features are

  • You can use different engagement levels and use features like InMails, Connection Invites, and others. 
  • Manages the leads by extracting detailed information about them that relates to your campaign
  • Filter your audiences by several parameters like industry, company size, seniority, etc. 
  • It comes up with a basic personal plan of $215 per month. 

2. GrowthLead

What will make you interested in GrowthLead is its cloud-based system brings scalability to your business outreach. The standout features of this automated tool are:

  • Generates different outreach campaigns automatically considering the market segments
  • Captures rich insights from the campaign performance metrics and also schedule messaging at particular times 
  • Uses high-level filters to look for potential audience
  • The price of the basic plan is exceptionally affordable- $67.35 per month 

3. Expandi

It is said to be the safest LinkedIn automated tool in the market. The best thing about it is its convenience and straightforward setup. So what are the key takeaways?

  • Smart Inbox enhances customer engagement in a  safe and secured way 
  • The Webhooks allows you to connect Expandi to the marketing tools like Zapier for creating robust omnichannel growth
  • With Dynamic Personalization, you can message people with custom variables
  • The package begins at $99/month. 

4. Phantombuster

In 2021, this self-operating lead generation tool has attained greater attention because of its user-friendliness. “The non-tech savvy people would also find it “easy to handle.” the main characteristics are:

  • It draws from LinkedIn as well as Twitter, Sales Navigator, Instagram, Google.
  • Its efficacy to work 24/7 from the cloud is really appreciable. 
  • You can frame actions to make them run mechanically for getting insights from LinkedIn.
  • The price range for this is from $0-$900, depending on your needs.

5. Aeroleads

There is good news that Aeroleads belongs to the favorites list of leading marketing experts. So you can trust them with closed eyes. The unique features are:

  •   With this, you can get phone numbers and business emails of your clients from LinkedIn. 
  • It strengthens lead production efforts by automating LinkedIn email searching.
  • Integrates with many top-notch 3rd party apps like CRM, Zapier, CRM, salesforce, and Freshsales, etc
  •  You can start it with 700 credits ($49/month)

6. Crystal

It is more popular among the b2B marketing community, the globe’s “largest personality platform.” See its features below:

  • Get access to unlimited personality profiles and learn how to communicate
  • Know your potential clients and understand whether their personality is relevant to your business
  • Crystal would enable you to compare two or more LinkedIn profiles, thus helping you search the prospective leads. 

7. Dux-Soup

Again, this is a plus for B2B marketers. Using Dux-Soup, you can engage with your potential leads that can convert into your customers. The attributes of this tool are:

  • Its advanced algorithm analyses your prospects’  profiles, from endorsing their skills to contacting them with personalized messages. 
  • Get started with Dux-Soup at the price of $11.25 per month for each user. 
  • The live chat feature is a remarkable point about Dux-Soup.

8. eLinkPro

eLinkPro prompts you to visit the profiles of those who have visited yours. Approximately 800 profiles are visited automatically per day that raises the probability of meeting genuine leads. 

9. WeConnect

WeConnect is another cloud-oriented LinkedIn automation program nurturing and closing more and more deals. This tool aims to serve the sales teams primarily and other marketing professionals. Thus, if you are none among these two, then it is not meat for you. The principal findings are:

  • No doubt that it is strong enough for multiple custom campaign manager
  •  Embeds the technology of all in one Smart Reply to all the prospects
  • Monitors everything on LinkedIn campaign stats from a single dashboard 
  • Get your hands on it at $49 per user every month.

10. LinkedHelper

 The name of this LinkedIn automated lead generation tool matches accurately with its functionalities. The standout features are:

  • It acts as an Auto-responder for LinkedIn. 
  • Message your LinkedIn group members automatically by collecting their data
  • Coordinate the LinkedIn contacts by importing customized CSV into LinkedIn or exporting the search results. 
  • Coming to the total pricing of LinkedHelper. You can get it for free on the one hand or drive a monthly license for $8.25/month to $15/month on the other. 


Lead generation is beneficial to every sort of organization, regardless of size or industry. There are no bars for generating leads in B2C and B2B environments. A large number of businesses still use manual lead creation procedures, but the intensity of using automated strategies is also increasing in leaps and bounds.

Thanks to the power of Digitisation, it has gifted us with life-saving technologies – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. So choose one among the above and take your business to the next level by augmenting its brand identity and driving sales. 

Still, having doubts? Get it clarified with us now. Leave a comment in the box, and we will get back to you. Also, stick to our page for getting intriguing reads on topics like social media ghost mascots in the future. 

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