Key Tech Tools for Running a Successful Restaurant

The restaurant industry is one of the most successful of all, showing impressive growth year and year. Food and drink sales have actually doubled in US restaurants since the year 2000, and the industry as a whole has even more room for growth and evolution in the years ahead, with younger generations in particular eager to try new foods and eat out more often.

Setting up an eatery is therefore not a bad idea for any budding entrepreneur, but it’s also important to note that this industry is highly competitive too. Stats show that 60% of restaurants close within their opening year and 4 out of 5 shut their doors within five years of opening. A big part of the reasoning behind this is that the owners simply weren’t prepared for the pressures of the job.

A lot of people make great food and want to share their passion with the world, but you need more than keen cooking skills to succeed in the restaurant industry. In modern times, you have to be willing to make the most of every opportunity and tool available to you, and restaurant owners, in particular, can make great use of a wide range of technological innovations. Here are some key examples.

A Super Site

One of the things many new restaurant owners learn when it comes to how to run a restaurant is the importance of an online presence. These days, people use the internet for pretty much everything, from checking their bank balance to ordering their groceries and much more besides.

They also use it for finding great places to eat, and if your establishment doesn’t have its own online presence, you simply won’t get noticed by a lot of people. There are various site builders out there that can help you set up a beautiful, easy to navigate site to draw in new diners.

Point of Sale Software

Modern restaurants no longer rely on outdated methods and tired techniques from the past; they’re increasingly making use of digital systems and reliable technology to handle everything from guest payments to payroll management.

Point of sale software is a great example of this, designed to help your staff take orders and keep track of tables much more easily and conveniently than ever before, as well as making it so simple for your diners to place their orders and pay for their food and drinks too.

Delivery Services

These days, more and more people are choosing to actually order food deliveries from their favorite restaurants and enjoy great-tasting food in the comfort of their own homes, rather than actually getting all dressed up and heading out to brick and mortar establishments in person.

Statistics show that the restaurant industry has grown in value by 20% since modern delivery services like GrubHub started to take off, and these services can help you reach so many more customers. Just remember, however, that they do charge commissions, so make sure to add up the pros and cons before signing a deal.

Accounting Apps

Keeping track of your finances while running a restaurant is one of the biggest responsibilities of the job, and it can also be a major challenge, as there can be so much to keep track of between staff payments, supplier invoices, and everything in between. Investing in accounting apps or software can make a real difference here.

There are various business accounting programs available, with some even designed specifically with restaurants in mind, and they can help you to streamline a lot of your accounting processes, as well as providing valuable insights and analysis to help you save money moving forward.

Hiring Services 

To run a great restaurant, you need to bring in the best possible people. Having quality cooks in the kitchen, friendly serving staff out front, and motivational managers to keep everyone occupied can really make all the difference in the long run.

Make sure you make the most of hiring sites and services like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster in order to find the very best people for your positions. With these sites, you can place job postings more easily, find out more about potential applicants, and actually reach out to people who seem like a perfect fit for your business.

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Final Word

Running a restaurant isn’t easy and will demand a lot of hard work, patience, and serious effort too, but if you’re passionate about your project and want it to succeed, these tech tools can help you go the distance.