iSkysoft Data Recovery

iSkysoft Data Recovery is one of the best software you will need to Recover data from computer and any storage device. One of the most interesting features you can find in this software is the 8 recovery modes. Each of them is designed to be used for certain circumstances and device. Below, we will explain it to you what each mode is and how you use it.

Deleted File Recovery Mode

You can use this mode to recover the file that is deleted because of human error or virus attack. For example, you accidentally delete the folder where you keep your important photos. This mode will be able to help you to get that folder.

This mode is also easy to use. Just open iSkysoft data recovery software, choose the “Deleted File Recovery” option, then on the next windows, you just choose the drive where your file was located. Start the scan process and once it’s finished, you can display the file. Select the files and recover it.

Recycle Bin Recovery Mode

The Recycle Bin is actually the first place to look for if you lose your data. Usually, the system will keep the deleted file in this folder for a certain period of time. After that, the files will be deleted permanently. the iSkysoft data recovery has this mode that will help you to get the deleted file from Recycle Bin. The method is similar to the Deleted Recovery Mode. So, you won’t have any problem using this mode.

Formatted Disk Recovery

Recover data from formatted disk could be difficult to do. The deleted file isn’t placed in the Recycle Bin. But, it will be deleted permanently during the formatting process. this Data recovery software is capable to recover this deleted file. When you use this mode, make sure you keep the recovered files to different drive or partition.

Lost Partition Recovery Mode

Unlike formatted problem, the lost partition is really annoying. The partition is disappearing, along with all data in that partition. It will be hard to recover all of those files. However, iSkysoft data recovery can do it with this mode. Basically, this is similar to the formatted drive problem. You also can’t keep the recovered file in the same partition, for the data safety.

External Devices Recovery Mode

Just like we said before, iSkysoft can be used to Recover data from computer and any storage device. And, you can find more about its ability in this mode. When you open this option, you will see 8 options for the external devices where you can recover your data from, using this software. They are:

  • the USB Flash Drive,
  • the Digital Camera,
  • the Camcorder,
  • the Memory Card,
  • the iPod/MP3/MP4 Player,
  • the SD Card,
  • the CF/XD/MMC Card,
  • and more devices.

Choose the option that matches with your external device. Or, if you can’t find it in the list, you can choose the “More Devices” option to get more option for external device types. Then, the recovery process is similar to the previous modes.

Virus Attack Recovery Mode

The file that was deleted because of virus attack is difficult to detect. However, iSkysoft data recovery software can help you to do it with this mode. Just choose this option on the main window and choose the drive where you want to search the file. Then, it will find it for you.

System Crash Recovery Mode

When your OS crash, you won’t be able to access the files right from the start when you boot your computer. this Data recovery software has the System Crash Recovery mode to solve that problem. With this mode, you can create the bootable media using USB flash drive, CD, or DVD. Then, you can use it to booth your computer and recover your data once you can access the inside of your computer.

All-around Recovery Mode

In this mode, this software will conduct deep scanning process. It will find all files that you are looking for. This mode is also the last resort you can use if the other modes can’t produce the result like what you want. With all those modes, we can say that this software is a good choice. So, whenever you have data loss problem, you can use a solution from iskysoft toolbox.