Product Photography

In the present era, product photography is in full swing. From clothes shops to restaurants, every business has moved to the internet. And this has increased the demand for product or commercial photography in Bristol and other parts of the globe. People want to stay ahead of their competitors on Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc., and professional product photographers help them in that. They shoot amazing pictures of the products, which entice the viewers and increase the probability of making a purchase. Apart from online selling, many business owners also use digital photos of products for advertisement purposes. They put these images on social media and other digital platforms to create awareness among people.

According to experts, most online visitors shop by looking at product photos rather than delving deeper into product descriptions. It is impossible to inspire the viewers to buy the product without captivating images. The clear & crisp images tell many things about the product like shape, color, size, and even usage. 

Product photography is a form of commercial photography that  aims to present the subject in the most attractive way. However, it is a broad term in itself. Whether you are a photographer or an online business owner, you should have a deep understanding of all types of product photography. 

Amazing Types of Product Photography

  • Studio Product Photography

Studio product photography is the simplest of all. Every product is different and requires unique lighting. The photographer shoots these products in the static set up under different lighting. Generally, no props and models are used in such a type of photoshoot. It is beneficial for those business owners who deal in product diversification.

  • Scaling Product Photography

Scaling product photography refers to showcase the actual dimensions of the product by shooting it with other objects. This type of picture tells how small or big the product is actually? What will it look like with naked eyes? Such photographers influence the buying decision of the customers to a great extent. 

  • Group Product Photoshoot

Generally, photographers click the image of the single object. However, in this photography style, they amazingly capture the entire product range. The more options a buyer sees, the more confident they feel about the product. Therefore, group shots increase the likelihood of converting the audience into buyers. 

  • Macro Product Photography

This is the new form of photography that is used to capture small products like jewelry, tiny decorative items, etc. Such photography aims to present small and minute details of the product to the viewer. It is important to note that lighting plays a crucial role in getting stunning macro shots as it’s all about highlighting the itsy bitsy details. 

  • Hanging Product Photography

Nowadays, more and more online sellers demand for hanging product photoshoots. This form of photography is best to make a 3D view of a few specific products like baby carry belts, climbing harnesses, and attires. The subject is hung with the help of threads, and the background lines are removed with the help of photo editing software after clicking the picture.

  • Idea Based Product Photography

This is the unique style of photography in which the product is not highlighted. It’s about representing the idea, not the actual product. For example, a person who wants to communicate gift wrapping ideas to the audience uses these kinds of photographs.

  • Plain White Background Product Photoshoot

It is commonly used for e-commerce product photoshoots. Maybe you have noticed that most of the products you see on various shopping websites are displayed on the white background. This is because white background maintains the consistency of the object and showcases the product without any distraction. Moreover, professional photographers use lightboxes to represent the subject in a more alluring way on white background. 

  • 360 Degree Product Photoshoot

 As the name shows, 360 product photography deals with capturing the product deeply so that viewers can examine every feature of the object. Typically, online shops hire photographers to elevate conversion and sales.

The Bottom Line -:

Finally, clean and crisp product images are essential for making a strong brand image and attracting ideal customers. However, it is also important to choose the right type of product photography to get favorable results.