So, you have just written an outstanding new article. Or perhaps you have an awesome video on YouTube you want everyone to see. But how do you do that? Promoting content online might seem rather difficult, but there are some techniques and tips that can help you overcome the anxiety of not getting noticed. Here they are.

#1. Social media, at your service

Though it is an old one, this advice always works if executed correctly. Of course, we all have social media channels, more or less popular. But if you want to promote your content with it, you should be aware of possible failure. And here’s why.

You might have 2,000 Facebook friends and 10,000 Instagram followers. They might all love the content you have on your profiles already. But will they actually be interested in what you are about to promote?

If your friends love commenting on your photos from a trip to Brasil, they won’t necessarily do the same with an article about veganism. Not because they are mean or don’t share the point; but because it is not relevant to them in your profile.


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The point is, you can use social media channels of any kind to promote your new content, but you should care to find an audience interested in that kind of content. So, your personal profiles might not always work.

#2. Just advertise it..?

In search of quick results or rapid growth, you might come up with an idea to use paid ads. We are not here to stop you. Certainly, you can use any online service to promote your freshly generated content and it has all the chances to work.

However, think about what kind of audience you may end up with. There won’t be many people who actually find your articles or videos interesting. So, once you stop advertising or producing content regularly, everything is lost.

Therefore, if you do have money and desire to use paid ads for content promoting, make sure you have some faithful audience already.

#3. Send emails

Sending emails costs nothing. You don’t necessarily need to make it personal. So, you can promote your new content with it. But there’s one but. Whom should you send these emails?

When it comes to promoting a company service or product, there’s a whole lead generation process. On the first stages, marketers and salespeople use cold emailing for promotion. This thing can be used to promote content as well, but be careful. Just hitting send to any email may lead to large numbers of spam accusations, which will lead to an opposite result.

The best advice we can give is starting with a list of emails you already have. Here’s what you should do:

  • Create an email template where you shortly describe your new content.
  • Develop a unique layout design to stand out.
  • Make a subject line look engaging and not spammy.
  • Send the email to all your contacts.

Although this might have a major impact, you won’t send these emails ever again. But with email signatures things are different.

#4. Using a personal email signature for content promotion

Unlike sending special emails to promote your content, an email signature is always there in the footer. So, we believe that it is the best way to promote your newly crafted content.

First of all, every time you send an email, there will be a signature attached to it. So, if you add a promo banner saying “Check out my new blog post,” it will work like a paid add.

personal email signature

Secondly, you can change the banner in your email signature anytime you want. But you will need to use an online email signature generator to make one. As it can take a lot of time or/end resources to create an email footer on your own (you will need to utilize HTML coding and web design). Therefore, using a simple tool like Newoldstamp is undoubtedly a great idea here.

#5. Ask for some help

Lastly, you can always ask for help. You can tell your friends or partners about your new content and ask them to spread it in their social media channels. Alternatively, you can find a blog or blog with content similar to yours and ask for posts exchange. Of course, this would mean publishing your article elsewhere, but you would get the credit for it and earn yourself an expert name.

In addition to that, reach out to some influencers who you think might be interested in your content. Who knows, maybe they will be glad to help if they do find it cool.

Final point is, once you have generated a new piece of content, try sharing it with as many people as possible. Use any channels that will not be interpreted as spam. The more new people see your articles, video, or any other content, the better.