Iceland is a fantastic country with plenty of must see places. Few countries in the world have similar offerings and thanks to the country’s size, it is perfect for road trips. To see some of the more inspiring places a 4 x 4 is needed. So let’s take a look at the advantages you will receive driving a 4 x 4 rather than a two-wheel-drive vehicle.

Car Rental in Iceland

The best option to get your hands on a 4 x 4 car is to hire it. Car rental in Iceland offers some excellent options with many opting for as they provide a great range of vehicles suitable for the more rugged roads. When booking for a car rental in Iceland, you can rent a car from Keflavik International Airport, or you can hire one from the capital city of Reykjavik.  All the major car rental companies, including Reykjavik Cars, operate out of these two areas.

4 x 4 Campervans

You can hire 4 x 4 campervans in Iceland and camp out under the stars. Arguably this is the best way to see the northern lights in Iceland or experience the Midnight Sun where the country experiences 24 hours of daylight. Iceland is full of unique experiences which few people other than Icelanders ever see.


As some of Iceland’s roads are impassable in the winter, and still require a 4 x 4 to reach in the summer, Iceland has classified these roads by the letter ‘F’. These roads often need the extratraction a 4 x 4 provides. Some of the best areas to explore in Iceland are reached via F-roads. Before diving in Iceland is a good idea to get road info first.

Must See Places in a 4 x 4 in Iceland

Once you have your 4 x 4 consider visiting the following places.


Akureyri is Iceland’s second city, and it is found in the north of the country near Eyjafjörður fjord. It is a lively city all year round with festivals and skiing in the winter and fine restaurants, bars, and cafes in the summer. It is an ideal base for exploring northern Iceland and offers a more lively side to the country.


Located in the Southern Highlands and part of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve the region is a mecca for hikers of all levels. Featuring geological wonders in the form of rhyolite mountains, hot springs, and lava fields, this must-see the region is not to be missed.


The Askja Caldera in the highlands is largely unseen by tourists that stick to the ring road. This is a shame as it is truly a magnificent sight. The caldera was formed when a lava field collapsed, and the land above it dropped. This formed three interlinked cauldrons that have a surface area of around 35 square miles. When visiting, don’t forget to take in the Öskjuvatn Lake.

Geysir Hot Springs

One of the most visited places in the country, Geysir hot springs is reachable with a two-wheel drive. Featuring Strokkur, an exploding geyser that shoots water a 100 feet into the air, and close to the capital, you should build this into any itinerary.

Iceland has fantastic places to visit. You should check them out.