The whole world is concerned about the security. It is very common why people are  giving so much importance to security, they just want their data to safe and secured. For a person he/ she think that they should protect their password, bank account details and many other personal details. It is very surprising to see that how a single person needs this much security for their data. Then think about large organizations which have piles of data with them.

There are many organizations and companies which hold the private and confidential data of the people, there relies an immense responsibility for those people to save the data. And more over many companies wants to maintain their company data in a safe zone. For all these problems there is a solution. In this article we will see how a hacker will approach us to hack our data and more about Advanced threat Protection ATP for office 365. So without any further due! Let us jump directly into the article.

Understand how a hacker approaches us

It is very common that we may receive many mails in our mail box. Most of the mails are from unknown source and we also never care about them .but the truth is that most of the mails may came from a hacker. Yes! It is true. This term can be explained technically as phishing attack. In which viruses and other malware affects our systems through the mail. We have to be very careful while dealing with emails.

Just imagine a scenario in which in which you are receiving an update mail for your Antivirus software, what will you do? I know it is crazy! Obviously you will open the mail and accept the update. Then Boom! It is a jackpot for the hacker. He is the one who is sending you this fake email from the fake identity of a trusted party. You have to be very careful, but mistakes always happen right! And hence we have come up with the solution in which we are going to use office 365 advanced threat protection.

Advanced Threat Protection for office 365

Office 365 threat protection is software which is used for protecting our confidential data from the hacker. ATP is an email filtering system which relies on cloud computing. It filters all the mails which are arriving in our mail box. This Advanced threat protection is an email filtering system filters all kinds of emails and when the system finds out any kind of malicious activities in the mail, the mail will get automatically blocked in our mail inbox.

This software which looks simple is making ranks and records in many companies and also in organization. This has gained so much popularity in the market. Now as it has reached high level of success of office 365 advanced mail protection is building up its features, they are adding any new features to it, such a feature is Microsoft 365 Roadmap. If you want to buy this efficient Office 365 plans then you can visit Microsoft ATP Sales Page to know more about ATP Plans and prices.


  • Office 365 ransom ware protection can be operated from anywhere if we have required Internet Access.
  • It provides us seamless team collaboration and regular automatic updates.
  • It helps us with Data loss prevention and also equipped with threat intelligence capability.
  • It offers multiple plans which are flexible enough to work with all kinds of business.


  • It requires an internet connection to access the advanced threat protection office 365.
  • The most disheartening this that, it is not compatible with all kinds of system.
  • We cannot assure that the data is completely secured, because Microsoft is the one which takes care of all the data. Even though Microsoft has strict safety rules but many companies does not prefer their data to be shared with other company.


In this article we have seen about the advanced threat protection for office 365 and how we have to be careful when we are dealing with emails. The ATP has many good features apart from security and that’s why it has reached to every nook and corner of the world. But is also a truth that, we cannot assure complete security for data as everything is based on clouds and Microsoft is the external company which maintains all the records and data of the world. But still it is recommended by most of the organizations. If you want to know more about ATP then you can learn from ATP Course.