How to Take Care of your Pets in Summer

Pet animals like dogs and cats react to summer differently when compared to people, hence you will have to take special care of such pets of yours. Since summers are a great time to bond with your pets and to play and have good fun, therefore just because of heat it would not be a good idea to give up on all that fun. However higher temperatures also lead to the possibility of higher risks like injuries, skin and ear infections and even a heat stroke for our furry friends. So here are some of the effective ways you can resort to, in order to keep your pets safe and comfortable.

Ensure availability of water and shade in abundance

During summers dogs and cats do get affected by dehydration. Dogs get a lot thirstier than one would think and some of the consequences or symptoms of your dog getting dehydrated include increased drooling and dry gums. Therefore make sure your pets have access to fresh and clean water inside the house and whenever you are going out do ensure to carry a bottle of water at all times with you. In addition to this, you can also try using wet dog foods so the fluid intake of your dog increases. In addition to all this regardless of how much your cats and dogs like to get out in direct sunlight, do make an attempt to keep them in shade as much possible. These steps are especially important if you have not decided to get some cooling mechanism like rent air conditioner as the dogs are more prone to getting a heat stroke.

Be aware of overheating symptoms

Our pets like cats and dogs do not sweat like us instead they drink water and pant in order to cool themselves down. Therefore as there are differences in which they react to heat it is essential that we know the symptoms to watch out for when our pets are feeling the heat a bit too much. Some of these symptoms include thicker drool, heavy and fast panting, weak and wobbly legs, diarrhea and vomiting. If your pet does show these symptoms then it would be best to move them to a cooler place, give them water to drink, put a damp piece of cloth over them or rent cooler online just for them. However, if none of these work and you see the symptoms aggravating then it would be best to rush to a vet.

Avoid leaving the pet in a car

We all know that the pets love the cars and riding in them, however leaving your pet locked in a car while the car heats to 100 degrees under the direct sun in a parking lot will be a very bad idea and may lead to heat exhaustion.

These are some of the most intuitive and basic things you must know about, as pet owners especially if you live in a hot country, since the well being of your pets is purely your responsibility.