You can become a US green card holder. With this privilege, you become entitled to numerous benefits such as being able to sponsor family members who are planning to acquire their own cards and in-state tuition.

As a US green card holder, you become legally allowed to live and work in the US, you gain the permit to travel in and out of the country and not worry about your status.

1 million people receive green cards in the US every year. With the right knowledge, determination and guidance, you will be able to receive one for yourself. Here are some tips to speed up the process:

#1. Make Sure that you are NOT inadmissible to the US

Before continuing with your efforts to acquire a green card, first, make sure that you are actually ALLOWED to enter the US territory.

Who are not allowed to live/visit the US?

People who are a threat to the country’s security, health, economy, and its well-being.

Here’s a detailed overview of Major Grounds of Inadmissibility

Reason for InadmissibilityAvailability of Waiver
You have a communicable disease such as tuberculosisYes
You have a physical or mental disorder that may affect the publicYes
Drug abuse/addictionNo
Drug trafficking recordNo
Conviction to grave crimes violating the norms of societyYes
Criminal ConvictionsYes
Violating US Immigration lawsYes
Financial self-support inability resulting to dependency to welfareNo
Participation in Nazi criminal activitiesNo

You will not be deemed inadmissible even during the process of applying for a green card. Usually, you’ll be notified about the matter after your interview, which is the time your application will be reviewed by immigration officers.

Once you’re notified about your inadmissibility, you’ll also be given some time to prove that they have made the wrong assumption.

You will not only be tested or interviewed for inadmissibility during the process of applying, this will also happen when you already have your green card, especially after leaving the country to travel abroad.

#2. Study the Requirements

This is the important part. If you’re really eager to get that green card, then, make sure that you’ll get it in one try.

It may take years of waiting to get that card. Avoid failing the application midway because of your ignorance about the requirements.

#3. Be Aware of Opportunities and Short-Cuts

There isn’t just one waiting list for green card applicants but a lot more than you’ve imagined. These waiting lists are called preference categories. 

This can be an advantage for you if you know the “easy” routes to a green card. On top of the list would be spouses, children under the age of 21 and parents of US citizens. These applicants are made eligible by immigration law given that they are the immediate family of their sponsors.

If you’re being sponsored by an immediate family member in the US, you can expect to wait for 2 months to 2 years only, compared to lower priorities reaching 10 years in the waiting list.

#4. Turn Your O1 Visa to a Green Card

Make use of your specialization, and let it be your ticket to a green card. If you’re a non-immigrant worker in the US because of a special ability, your chances to a green card just rocketed up.

Here are the steps to turn your O1 visa to a green card:

Step 1: have an immigrant petition approved through USCIS.

Step 2a: Adjust your status

Step 2b: Apply for an immigrant visa

There are other non-immigrant classifications you can check out at Ashoori Law. These non-immigrant classifications can be upgraded to immigrant classifications once USCIS approves your immigrant petition.

At the end of the day, no matter what opportunities you’re presented with, it’s your knowledge and dedication to getting a green card that matters. The immigration law is a big maze where one decision could guarantee your application’s denial. If you’re in doubt about anything concerning your application, it’s best that you contact an immigration attorney or someone with experience.