New York City Real Property Agent Max Polyakov

Get acquainted with Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov, the twenty-six years old real estate agency owner lives a perfect life. His entry into the real estate business was creating his own company, called Noosphere which is one of the most powerful institutions among competitors.

A Ukrainian immigrant liked houses and buildings from his early childhood. But living in poverty made him to think about American dream come true.

Early years

Max Polyakov, the first child in the family, knows how it is to suffer privations. Though, it did not have emotional impact on his life position. Max continuously spent time as he walked to school having a look at the attractive houses and constructions. Max was a self-conceited scholar. He effortlessly became the most diligent student in school. He was into sports and turned out to be the paramount member of his team because he had heard about studentships. Each project was towards a certain aim.

Max was a great example for his siblings. He taught them to struggle against the poverty and build a better life.

The life in New York City

What Max Polyakov adored about New York was the astonishing skyline. This influenced his attraction for buildings that spurred him to found Noosphere. Firstly, it was a blog that brought some extra cash additionally to his budget. Studying real estate in the university, he used this blog to appraise quite a few real estate possibilities online. It was really an awesome start.

Max Polyakov’s Noosphere blog began getting a lot of subscribers that he started to earn sturdy money thanks to his articles. Many estate companies, after reading about the house’s marketing, suggest paying for an ad. Max, selecting to remain dispassionate particularly for his followers, rejected some propositions. He was sure about what he was doing. He was creating a huge clients base for his future ideas.

Noosphere Agency

By the moment Max Polyakov had created a number of dependable readers, a lot of the companies were apprehensive about his articles. He wanted to be truthful with his followers but he also was eager to appraise buildings accurately. Rich people found somewhat useful and exceptional due to his reviews. Alternatively, people with a modest budget could select something inexpensive and steadfast. Each person could find something appropriate.

The Noosphere beginning

One night after several years he started working as a real estate agent, and five years after his first review, Max Polyakov thought it was just a moment to branch. It was a very hazardous step, and he had the opportunity not only to lose his customers but the respect and maintenance of his managers. Nevertheless, Max decided to sail close to the wind. He left his employers.

The next step was renting a small workplace in the center of Wall Street in New York. He started promoting his new franchise with his famous blog. Very soon Max Polyakov’s Noosphere wasn’t just a blog anymore, but a completely developed and established real estate company which was reputable among its competitors. The dependable readers rapidly moved to his corporation and brought their friends there. After all, Max Polyakov has fulfilled his dream.

Max Polyakov’s followers asked him to save his blog. This useful resource of information meant so much for his audience. That is why the users asked to keep describing the most interesting events in his posts. Max posted really worthwhile facts. It had such a vast succeeding that it brought an advantageous profit and great clientele. Max thought and made it a part of his holding. On this occasion, he started to target businesses that cheated consumers. Since the company had continued his honesty over the years, its clients make due consideration of all the propositions. By twenty-six years old, Max Polyakov had become a millionaire. Isn’t it great? This was not only the American Dream but the Noosphere Dream, which had turned out to be a truth.

Family is the most important

Max Polyakov built intimate relationships with his sons. In their childhood, he explained the useful things which will help them to make money very early without losing anything.

As Noosphere became a successful corporation, Max had an opportunity to work from home, showing his sons how to make a successful writer in the blog and attract new followers. What a happiness was for Max when he noticed one of his sons started to pay attention to the buildings as he did it many years ago.


Max Polyakov succeeded to make an international business from nothing. This is not only a good example of intelligence but also diligence and painstakingness. Young people are eager to be like the prominent real estate agent. They fancy to follow his success and make their wishes real.  Max Polyakov is sure that nothing summits of anyone’s desires –  everything is in our hands.