How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Devices

Who has not deleted an important photo, document or file from their Android mobile or tablet? Surely it has happened to everyone at some point and they break their heads trying to find a solution to this problem, but don’t worry. There are a couple of ways to get them back on your terminal or device.

Android is a platform where users can have two types of access, that is, be root or not, the best of all is that it can be done in both ways but they have a different process in each of them, so let’s get to know a little more on how to carry it out.

Process for Non-Root Users

If you are one of the classic Android users who do not have root access to their device, there is a way to recover the lost files, the first thing you should do is connect the mobile memory to a computer, either the MicroSD card or the internal one and select the mass storage device option, as if it were a flash memory.

It should be noted that although it can be done easily with a cable, the ideal is to use a USB or SD adapter, this because not all devices use memory in the same way.

It is also one of the easiest ways to increase the speed of recovery from it. After that you must download an application called Recuva, whose main mission is to recover all types of files. It is precisely there where you must select the format of your memory, which can be FAT32 or NTFS, you can hire data recovery austin tx as well.

After that, in Recuva you must select the type of file that you lost and that you now want to have with you again, that is, you can choose between: images, music, videos and documents.

It is time to choose the place where you will save what is located on the Android mobile or tablet, for a better result try to select a different location from the mobile so that there are no conflicts, so it is best to place them on the hard drive of the computer.

If Recuva did not work as expected, there is another quite efficient alternative, it is Photorec, a tool that, as its name indicates, is used to recover photos that have been deleted.

To do this, you must connect the mobile to a computer and from there execute the program where you will have to select the mass storage mode, when entering, press on the unit where your lost files were located and in the text box of the Lower part marks the folder where you want all the items that have been recovered to be saved.

Process for Root Users

An easier way to recover deleted files on Android devices is with root access, since there are several applications that perfectly fulfill this task.

So, the one that we will use and on the recommendation of thousands of users is Undelete, which you must download from Google Play, the best of all is that its interface is quite friendly and it is free. After that, the first thing you should do is select the terminal from which you want to recover your data, that is, internal or external memory and mark the second option, where the application will start to scan the device you have selected.

Afterwards, you will have to wait a period of between 2 to 10 minutes and all the files, music, videos, documents and images that could be recovered will be displayed to you and they will be placed in their place of origin, that is, in the place where they were before they were deleted by any circumstance from your external or internal memory.

If the first Android application did not seem the best to you, there is also Hexamob Recovery, which on more than one occasion has managed to recover files that other apps have not been able to perform, the best of all is that it is a software that has the ability to support partitions of type vfat, ext2, ext3 and even ext4.

It should be noted that this app from the official Android store is one of the few that recovers files from the internal memory of your mobile or tablet, as long as the block has not yet been overwritten, since any type of defragmented file is very difficult to recover.

A third highly recommended option is also Disk Digger, which is only for Root users and performs the same work as the previous ones, but with a bit of limitations but at the same time easier to use, since you only have to have the application open and grant the permits that are required to start the search for the lost photographs.

It is quite useful to mention that the process may fail, especially if the memory of the Android tablet or mobile had a disorder, that is, you must repeat the process to correct it.

So now you know if you have mistakenly deleted the photos from your last trip, don’t worry, you can recover them with either of the two processes that I mentioned earlier.