Common Misconceptions of Aircon Gas Top Up

Refrigerant gas plays an important role in the performance of an air conditioning system as without it, the unit would circulate purely hot air throughout the room. This is why the need for aircon gas top up is essential to keep the unit in perfect condition, considering its regular use and continuous aging. In this article, we will be talking about the misconceptions and myths about aircon gas refill or top up.


Gas Top Up is not Necessary

Many people think that the initial air conditioner gas will not need to be replaced because ACs are equipped with a closed-loop system. As time goes by, some of the air conditioner’s metal parts will deteriorate because of the formic acid development in the unit. This deterioration results in the formation of small holes through which refrigerant gas can escape. If you disregard aircon maintenance, these holes will grow in size and the aircon will run out of coolant sooner or later. In this case, your aircon will keep blowing hot air into your room.

Gas Top Up is not Included in Regular Servicing

This misconception is partly due to the lack of knowledge of many people on the scope of a regular aircon maintenance. However, this was common prior to the age of the internet. Nowadays, AC check-up services usually include a top up. Because of how air conditioners are designed nowadays, professional technicians top up gas refrigerant as part of a regular service. Before replenishing the gas supply, they will check the unit for any leaks by carefully flushing the system.

Gas Top Up is Very Simple

Contrary to popular belief, regular aircon maintenance is not a simple do-it-yourself project. Some people having mechanical knowledge and experience might have a small idea of what they are doing, but a trained professional is still required to make sure that all safety precautions are followed. An unqualified person, for example, can distort the filter’s original shape if he does not handle it with care.

Gas Top Up Does Not Help Save Energy

A low gas refrigerant takes much longer for your air conditioner to cool down your room. If it takes two hours for your indoor temperature to decrease to tolerable levels, it must be a clear sign that you have a high energy consumption. An aircon gas refill helps the unit cool your room faster, thus reducing your energy use. It should be kept in mind that low gas levels are due to gas leaks. It will be easier to repair if you find the leakage sooner and if your unit is newer.

Gas Top Up Does Not Require Professional Hands

If you have a lot of free time, attempting to maintain your air conditioning unit on your own can be enticing as it will not cost you anything. This DIY project however can entail a much bigger cost, if not executed properly. Furthermore, if your air conditioner is installed in an accident-prone place, you might need to leave it to the professionals. They have the proper tools to work safely in these areas and are well-trained to deal with hazardous situations.

Without Gas Top Up, Aircon Can Still Perform Well

Your aircon may function perfectly during the first few months, though without proper care and with continuous use, sooner or later it will begin deteriorating and call for your attention and money. You will notice one day that your unit is blowing hot air instead of cooling your room. So to get rid of unwanted expenses, schedule a maintenance appointment with a reliable aircon professional in your place.

Gas Top Up Does Not Affect Aircon’s Total Performance 

Air conditioners constitute a high percentage of total energy consumption in a household. This is partly because almost all people consider servicing only when their units are malfunctioning. In other words, they would wait until their aircons become so low in gas and lose their energy efficiency. They would call an aircon specialist when it is too late. Aircon servicing is intended to prevent unwanted expenses and shorter lifespan and not for repair purposes.

How Often Do We Need to Top Up Aircon Gas?  

The majority of aircon professionals refer to gas replenishment as a gas topping. It is a very important aspect of ensuring the general efficiency of an air conditioner. A popular question goes, how often to top up aircon gas? Technicians suggest performing a top up once a year.

How to Check if Aircon Needs Gas?

  1. When your air conditioner blows warm air.
  2. When water begins to leak from the air conditioner.
  3. When the air conditioner’s overall performance is inferior.
  4. When there is an ice buildup on the coils.
  5. When the air conditioner turns on and off on its own.
  6. When the air conditioner runs non-stop.
  7. When an aircon professional recommends a gas top up.

Effects of Low Aircon Gas

  • Due to low levels of gas, the evaporator coil of your air conditioner can become frozen in time. But in some cases, it is not only the evaporator coil that should be repaired or replaced but the whole system as well.
  • Freon is basically a refrigerant gas regarded as a controlled substance that poses a hazard when exposed to the environment. Since Freon and other related elements need to be replaced, you will spend another amount of money for it.

Caring for Air Conditioner

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