For passing an ITIL Foundation Exam with distinction, it is needless to describe the importance of proper ITIL Foundation Training. No wonder, most of the participants will search for the best training course available related to ITIL Exam and enroll. But, the bitter truth is- all of them will not secure the same grade.

First of all, taking an ITIL Exam needs many potentialities to stick to the reading table. As the syllabus is huge, you need to spend a lot of time reading to finish everything in time. For this reason, it is important to know what you should not read rather than what you should read.

A wrong preparation can invite your failure in the exam and you may end up with obtaining a poor grade that comes of no use in the long run. Plus, it will also cost you extra fees and make your months of study useless.

To be very practical, ITIL exam is not that much difficult as the average people think it to be. All you need to do is- study the right syllabus, revise properly, and ensure the best of your performance in the exam hall. ITIL Exam is a 1-hour exam and you need to answer 40 MCQs by this time.

Here are some most effective tips and tricks that can help to pass the ITIL Exam in the first time and secure a good grade at the same time. Let’s check them out in the following:

A Good Preparation:

As we have mentioned earlier, you need to study hard to pass this examination. Most of the examinees get confused about where to start from. The very exam has some topics including:

  • Having a good command in general rules, definitions, and concepts
  • Good understanding of service management
  • Command on core models and principles
  • Knowledge to understand ITIL service lifecycles
  • A major understanding of architecture

If you can cover all these topics clearly, then you do have a chance to pass in the examination easily.

Practice a Lot:

We all are familiar with the famous proverb- “Practice makes a man perfect”. Yes, you need to practice a lot before taking the exam. It will help you find out your weakness in particular concepts and subjects. There are sample exam papers provided from the training course.

Study the sample exam papers carefully to get the actual message. It is also important to understand the question paper because some people do mistakes due to not understanding what the answer should be. Try to practice in the official ITIL exam- pattern to train your brain to practice accordingly. It will give you confidence in the exam hall.

Take the Mock Exam Sincerely:

There is a mock exam before taking the final exam. It is provided on the official website of ITIL Foundation Exam. It is exactly like the official exam paper. You will get experience on what type of questions are given in the exam. This way, you can prepare yourself completely and reduce your tension. You can purchase sample question paper guide from the website for quality exam papers.

Memorize the Answers and Read Out the Question Paper Thoroughly:

You need to be very tricky to memorize the answers. The exam pattern is MCQ type so if you do any wrong, it’s gone forever. For this reason, it is wise to memorize the basic terms, definitions, concepts by heart.

It saves time and lets you not to be confused in the exam hall. Again, read out the question paper thoroughly not to miss anything for your carelessness. Re-read the questions as you have 60 minutes in your hand to tick on 40 questions which are more than enough we guess.