One of the most satisfying things for gamers can be to uncover an unexpectedly great title. It actually happens fairly often these days since it’s so much easier to sample games, whether online, through app stores, or even via PC downloads.

We’ve all had the experience: you try a title just because you’re bored, you don’t really expect it to hook you, and before you know it you’re having a blast with it. Here, we’ll focus on a few games just like this that you can find simply through your browser.

1. is in a bit of a rough place when it comes to grabbing gamers’ attention, simply because it looks more like a website you wouldn’t bother visiting than anything else. What it actually is is essentially a territory building game in which you play in real time against other active players, moving a colorful dot around a level attempting to consume other dots and multiply the size of your own in the process. It’s shockingly addictive, to the point that there are no other games like it, and other “.io”-style games specifically, both on mobile platforms and online.

2. Spear Stickman

You may be familiar with Bowman and its various versions and sequels. If not, it’s a game in which you basically control a stick figure shooting a bow and arrow toward another stick figure, attempting to take him down before he gets you. Now imagine an even simpler yet faster version, and you get Spear Stickman. Your job is to hurl a spear at a bowman while he shoots at you (as opposed to shooting in turns, as happens in Bowman), and you basically take down as many of them as you can before one of them finally kills you. That’s all there is to it, but the temptation to keep going and beat more bowmen makes it a ton of fun.

3. Animal Wars

If you’ve ever played the better-known Worms Armageddon series, you more or less know what to expect here. It’s a game in which you control one of four species of animals (ants, slugs, gorillas, or rams), each with a special characteristic or ability, and then attack the others level by level. Your goal is to expand your territory with victories, with each battle challenging you to lob ammunition at your opponents in turns. It’s actually just about the exact same concept as Worms Armageddon, but simpler in a way that’s oddly satisfying.

4. Starburst

Not everyone is attracted to casino arcade games, but if galactic graphics and a futuristic soundtrack sound appealing, you might just go for this one. Starburst is in execution a straightforward slot game, but it’s one that draws you in with appealing sounds and graphics and winds up being an almost inexplicably pleasant experience. As is true of most any slot game, the actual gameplay is somewhat repetitive. However, it’s hard not to enjoy this one, as it has the sensory appeal to intrigue you, but is simple enough that it’s not annoying.

5. Mini-Putt

This is the most famous game on the list, and yes we’re talking about the classic, browser-based Mini-Putt. To say it started all mini-putt games may or may not be accurate, but it’s definitely true that there are dozens of similar games that have emerged online since, and several mobile games as well. But in this case there’s just something about the original. You can play the same 18 holes over and over and always feel that you can better your score, and for whatever reason there aren’t many things more satisfying than nailing tough shots in this game.