Hire React JS Developers With Key Takeaways

Want to hire a remote React developer? 

Do you have an app idea and are looking for React developers to hire? 

 If you are a non-technical person, you must surely understand how to hire a React developer and tips to consider while hiring the best React developers team remotely. 

But why only remote developers? Why not in-house recruitment or freelancers? 

Well, when you are looking for web developers, it is important to know that there are multiple benefits of hiring an outsourced developer. An outsourcing partner will have a pool of experts who can turn your dream app into reality. If you hire a remote React developer from an outsourcing partner company, they are capable of understanding the requirements. Also, they can manage the end-to-end development process without any issues. 

Let us now find out what are the 5 tips to look for when you hire React JS Developers remotely. 

Points to Consider Before you Hire React.JS Web App Developers

The popularity of a Reactjs developer is increasing and there are thousands of skilled developers who can give a successful web app for your business. But how to choose the right one? 

Let’s go through some of the tips below. 

Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS

The most important abilities that any ReactJS developer should have are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These help in creation of a successful web page with styles and themes. Knowing the basics of these will not serve any purpose. If you hire React JS developers, they should be well-versed with these languages and its importance of using them to develop an app. 

React is a JS library with strong command over features, syntax, and operations. It is essential for developers to understand the DOM, functions and prototype properties. 

Knowledge of Compatible Technologies with React

Having knowledge restricted to one technology is not enough. ReactJS developers should have experience of multiple technologies that correlate to React. Back end framework is a host to React framework. Likewise, Laravel, RoR, django, all go together with React and give an upper hand to any developer who wants to develop a backend framework. 

Apart from these, a React developer should have command over the MERN stack to build a fullstack JS application. NodeJS is best paired with React for developing reliable apps and managing the server-side of the app. With extensive knowledge and experience in developing web apps with these technologies, a developer is proved to be the best to hire for your company. 

Knowledge if Testing and Tools

Testing is a part for any development process and has become the skill for React developers. There are multiple testing procedures that need tools and frameworks. Testing procedures involve unit testing, end-to-end testing, performance testing, and integration testing with React clean code. Let us give you some of the preferred tools used by React developers. 

  • Nunit, JMockit, Emma, Embunit, Mocha, and Tape (For Unit Testing)
  • TestRigor, Selenium, Cucumber.js, Nightwatch.js (For end-to-end testing)
  • Protractor, Steam (For integration testing)

However, the most preferred are Enzyme, Selenium, and Protractor to perform the tests on React components. Moreover, React testing and React hooks are the utilities to encourage good testing. These are a must know for any React developer you hire. These will help the React developers to prevent any bugs or mistakes and write clean code. A clean code helps to detect bugs in a short time and save money. Ensure that while hiring a React developer, you should know that he/she has these technical assessments done right. 

Knowledge of Fundamentals and Styling

React is a huge ecosystem with components that a developer should know while developing an app. The React concepts and fundamentals are what makes a developer a React developer. He should know how it works and when to use it. JSX, Next.js are some of the added fundamentals of the developers skills and considered as a default tool. 

Similarly, hiring a React developer who can code the styling with components and external styling libraries and CSS is an added advantage. It helps in designing highly responsive UIs and building a rich interactive UI. 

Since all of these are written in CSS they are meant to be for styling the applications with React components. Let’s check a few CSS below:

  • CSS-in-JS: A technique to style components using Javascript, implemented by React libraries.
  • Frameworks: Bootstrap and Material UI are ready-to-use components to make the development process quick and seamless. 
  • JSS: A tool for CSS to write style in the conflict-free, and reusable way using JavaScript.
  • Preprocessors: SCSS, SASS, and LESS to write styling information that compiles to CSS using DRY Coding principle. 

Knowledge of Working with ReactJS Workflows

React applications are the biggest challenge for developers. When hiring Reactjs development company, ensure that they have experience working with projects that manage the state across the components. Check their portfolio that speaks for their work and are evidently optimizing the business performance. 

The Best and skilled React JS developers are experienced with JS libraries and structure of state management. These include Context API and Mobx. They are used to streamline and align the applications. Mobx is a library that applies a functional reactive program to make it simple and scalable. Whereas, context API is to share the data across the applications to help transfer the data without any issues through intermediate components. 

These were the top 5 tips to follow when you look for a React JS developer to develop your business app. But are you aware of the cost to hire a remote developer? 

Do they charge more to develop a web app with React? Or is developing an app with ReactJS an expensive investment? 

Well, developing ReactJS web apps has multiple benefits, and one of them is the cost -effective key due reusable single code. ReactJS uses clean code that makes ReactJS reduce web app maintenance costs. Along with this, React JS has benefits like having good knowledge about cloud computing platforms, MVC design patterns, soft skills, and familiarity with the latest frameworks. 

How to Know You Have Hired the Right Developer?

While you interview the outsourcing partner to hire ReactJS developers, pay keen attention to how they portray their projects and what kind of challenges they have faced with the solution. If you feel they are passionate about the development work or are capable of thinking the best solution that stands apart from the rest. All these qualities will make the right ReactJS developer. 


Hire remote ReactJS developers who can build mobile and web applications according to your business needs. The app should be high-quality and scalable. The ReactJS development company should give you the ownership and license of the software they use to commercialize later. Ensure to sign an NDA with the outsourcing partner before starting with the development process. This should include the confidentiality of the data and contractual terms between both the parties.

If you are still confused or in any dilemma towards how to hire a React developer, reach out to the best app development company. They can assist you with the development process, the costing and a team of skilled React JS developers.