With your camcorder, you can shoot different types of videos like vlogging, self-explanatory videos and the like. But filming live events such as a live concert, motivational speech and many more is not as easy as you are thinking right away.

But we would like to assure you that you have found the perfect place on the planet searching online. Yes, in this article, we are going to cover up everything you need to know to record live events with your camcorder. You may be thinking that it is almost impossible to film live events just with your camcorder.

But it is absolutely possible only if you have enough experience in live recording events. Also, if you are not too much skill, you can take live events’ videos too. Are you wondering? You should not be surprised because by reading our detailed article on this specific topic, you will end up having sufficient knowledge on how to film live events with camcorders.

Let’s not make the intro so big and start discussing the major must-have knowledge you need to know before you start to film one. Always think that you have to capture live events in a professional look and feel so that your audience show interests to your videos.

Make the arrangements of everything you need

For a vlogging video, only one camcorder can do the entire job for you whereas you will be needed more than two camcorders to film a live event to give it a professional look and feel. There is another reason to use multiple cameras. And the reason is simple. If one of your camcorders stop suddenly due to any inconvenience, the rest will continue the recording process.

Tripod, shoulder rigs, cranes or sliders are also needed

Consider using these gears to shoot a shake-free and good quality video. Besides, it will be almost impossible for you to take video for a long time by holding the camcorder into your hands. Instead, use them to have better quality videos.

Conversely, for filming a live event, you may need to use more than one camcorder, and thus your tripods or shoulder rigs will massively help.

Keep an eye on your audio

It so happens that you may forget to monitor your audio whether it is being recorded or not being busy with other related issues while recording the event. If the event is for a wedding, you may not keep so stressed but what if it is a live concert or similar event? Best practice is to check everything before you hit the record button.

Also, you can go for an external audio recording system, and it is very good for your video. In this way, you will manage to capture good quality audio of the live event. So, make sure before starting that an external audio recorder mount is attached to your camcorder.

Always try to use an electric outlet

It will be the wise and good decision of you to find an electric outlet near the live event so that you can plug your camcorder’s cable in to have an uninterrupted electric supply. As a result, there will be no discontinuation while shooting the event. On the contrary, if you depend only on your camcorder’s battery, it may be a wrong decision for you. Your camera will stop capturing videos as long as your camera’s battery runs out. Mostly it happens if the event continues for hours.

Don’t start shooting using autofocus

If you set autofocus while shooting the live event, your video maybe not good enough because with the movement of the subject you are capturing the focus will also be pulsing in and out. And at the end, you will end up with a bad captured video at all.

It is recommended that you do the focusing on your own hand and it is better than autofocus.

Do the white balance yourself not automatic

Automatic white balance may ruin your entire work. So, be careful and never go for automatic white balance because as the lightings of the live events change, your video color will also vary from one camera to another.

Instead, do the white balance yourself by your hand. Just set the white balance before starting the live event with the lightings will be using for the event. In this way, you will get a better video than you may get using automatic white balance.


Apart from all the stated how-to things, there are many other things related to film a live event with your camcorder including exposure, b-roll and so forth. Also filming a live event is fun if you can do it properly. And also if you have enough experience. If you want to learn more about tips and tricks you need to know to be an expert in this field, techwhippet should be your favorite place to visit.