Blast Nozzle

An essential component of the right blasting equipment is selecting the correct nozzle because it will directly influence how you will save on work cost. When you visit a blast booth manufacturer to buy a blast nozzle, you will have to strike several balances. Please consider the following points when selecting a nozzle.

Nozzle size

The choice of nozzle size you will be picking should be based on the compressed air available from the compressor. Therefore, depending on the available air, consider using the largest nozzle. It will help you achieve the greatest possible blasting coverage, especially if it’s a large area that needs to be blasted. A big-sized nozzle will be crucial economically in terms of labor costs, compressor costs; blast media cost, and setup cost.


If you want to provide high-quality sandblasting nozzles, it is important to consider the type of material that is used to make the nozzle. You can find a nozzle made of an aluminum jacket and others with a rubber jacket. It is important that you know before you purchase where you are going to use the nozzle. The one made of the aluminum jacket is the toughest. The one made of rubber is important in areas where there can be frequent falls; it can sustain the impact. When choosing a nozzle based on material, the determining factor in guiding you is choosing the right nozzle liner.

Nozzle length

In addition to the type of material used, you should select the nozzle’s length based on the type of surface that you are going to use it to clean. Supposing you select a nozzle with an extended length, which produces a venturi effect, will give the nozzle some more needed power. On the other hand, the narrow side nozzle’s venturi effect increases the blast media’s speed and air mixture. Therefore, a nozzle that is constructed short can create this effect to a limited extent and are suitable for use in structures that need blasting with superior pinpoint.

Nozzle shape

Nozzles are available in two different shapes: venturi and straight bore. In the straight bore, as air enters the converging end of its nozzle, it accelerates, which produces a narrow concentration blast during the acceleration when it has an impact on the surface. On the other hand, the venture is designed so that it produces an effect during the acceleration of airflow and particles, which causes a large blast pattern.

The air compressor

Proper nozzle selections will significantly affect the profitability of all blasting jobs; therefore, it is important that you choose an air compressor wisely. The more you will get a compressor that can compress a lot of air per minute, the higher the nozzle will produce more pressure and improve your production rate.

Finally, it is important to note that big air and big nozzle choice will give you a vast production rate when choosing the right nozzle for use. However, the shape of the nozzle you select will determine the kind of acceleration of particles and sizes of the blasting pattern you will have. It would be best to have more productivity if you settle for the biggest nozzle that your compressor can support.