Luxury Watch

A luxury watch is an investment, and there is no avoiding this fact. However, it is worth every dollar you spend. Luxury watches not only require extensive, labor-intensive manufacturing hours but some TLC means your watch can literally tick forever!

What watch make-up, design, or heritage speaks to you and what will it say about you? Why do watch enthusiasts animatedly discuss automatic versus quartz, should you care, and what is a perpetual calendar? For answers to these questions and more, read this detailed guide on how to choose the best luxury watch for you.

The Movement

As you show off your new luxury watch, instead of admiring the dial, the watch snob turns it over. In order to pass this preliminary test, a mechanical movement watch has a clear case back. The mechanical movement is something beautiful to admire and listen to.

On average, your mechanical watch has 28,800 vibrations each hour as hundreds of small machined parts labor precisely. However, this precise micro engineering comes to your wrist at a cost.

If you don’t care for the mechanics or simply cannot afford a premium-quality mechanical timepiece, there is an option for you. A battery-powered quartz movement will do fine, no matter what watch snobs say. With the latter, you only lose a minute each year and you never have to wind your watch – unless it runs out of battery power.

Have a Budget

Like paying for property or holidays, you should spend as much as you can afford on your timeless luxury watch. Fortunately, no matter what the figure you have in mind, you will always get a watch that is within your budget on the market. At the entry level, you can get some big fashion brands for a few hundred dollars and even after sales support.

At a couple of thousand dollars, you will find manufacture status watches with most of their components created in-house. Such watches feature house-exclusive case designs, movements, and even hand-polish detailing to complete the icing on the cake. In this range, think of watches from big industry names like iwc mens watches or even Rolex.

Consider Your Character

In today’s world, the precise hour is displayed just about anywhere, making watch wearing so much more meaningful. Purchasing a luxury watch is an emotional investment that speaks volumes about your lifestyle. At the same time, the ability to tell whether you are running late or early is still a valued component, but your character plays a critical role.

If you are a Motorsport enthusiast, you require a watch that’s capable of working as a timing instrument in-between lap – a chronograph function. For the outdoorsy man halfway up some mountain, your watch should offer water-resistance, robustness, better knockabout versatility, and reliability. A high-flier will probably appreciate a timepiece with a handy GMT time-zone functionality.

An urban aesthete will probably appreciate a contemporary, clean, and crisp luxury watch that comes with many talking points. A classic man appreciates a classic style watch, especially one he can pass to future generations as part of the estate. A design aficionado is all about making a statement that is unpredictable in the inner city, making a vintage luxury watch an ideal choice.

Watch Complications

Unfortunately, there’s plenty of confusing jargon around watches, especially due to the intricately technical nature of watchmaking. In the world of watches, the tricky gizmos like perpetual calendars, tourbillons, and chronographs are known as complications. Fortunately, your luxury watch does not have to be complicated, but these embellishments wonderfully upgrade its purpose from just telling time.

Complications in your watch help enliven its dial as well as conversations. Some of the complications include chronograph, which has its origins in the motorsport industry.

GMT functionality features a second hour hand for another time zone. A perpetual calendar indicates the correct year, month, and day without adjusting until 2100, which is when you skip a leap year.

Choose a Strap

While you are preoccupied with the watch itself, it’s time you take into consideration what covers more than 75 percent of your wrist. Forgotten by so many, the watch strap is a significant expression of your personality and ought to coordinate with your ensemble, wrist size, and complexion. However, there are basic rules that you should respect and observe.

A bracelet watch in gold or silver can be glamorous or plain bling, but make sure it fits your wrist properly to avoid damaging the links. Rubber straps are popular for the smart-casual look, especially when attached to high-end watches. Calfskin, alligator, galuchat, or crocodile leather straps are available in an assortment of colors and can be used for both smart and casual looks.


There you have it, now put this knowledge to use. With constant new styles, exclusives, and limited editions, you will get something that’s right for you.