Lessons in Philanthropy

Life is about living the moment. When you are living your moment and you are capable of fulfilling the life desire, requirement then it becomes even more interesting. But at the sametime if you can, try helping people who are in need. The skill of helping others is something which everyone should learn and follow in life. Philanthropy is something we all should care for.

Today in this post, we are going to talk about the importance of helping others-

  • Helping others feel good

Have you heard the philanthropists talking about the importance of helping others? Yes, many big people do this.  It not only helps to feel good but we have seen that it brings physiological changes in one’s daily life for good. Recently, I was reading about a famous philanthropist David Bolno and he also emphasized on similar things like how a human should carry empathy. If you don’t know David, he is a famous business manager who has worked with many great entertainers like Justin Bieber, Drake, Post Malone, Pharrell Williams and Will. Many of such renowned personalities have given David open credit for his contribution also.

  • Sense of belonging

Helping others can make you good friends, a good circle, and a good community. You will see many people joining you with your mission for good. Such acts, especially the offline activities can not only get you a sense of belongingness but also can eliminate the loneliness and isolation issues that many of us have.

  • Help you be fit

As you will be more on the ground doing activities, such generous work can make you fit or keep you fit. Social work that requires physical activities and can help you be fit. It requires you to burn calories and in response help you be solid without worrying about the workouts, weight, BMI, etc.

  • It’s contagious

The great thing about social service is – it’s contagious. Yes, much research has shown that social service or the act of helping others are a contiguous service and many people join your hands in the journey. It’s well said that if you want a chance in society, be that change. And once others will start seeing you, they will join the force with you and make it a revolution.

  • Sense of renewal

Helping others can help you understand yourself. This is an act where you connect with people, understand their thoughts, and try to help them. With all these learnings, you can understand yourself better and also can boost your positive energy for a good reason.

  • Strong friendship

Just think of it – there is someone who is struggling to meet his and his family’s daily needs. Now you came forward to help their family and they are getting their life on normal track. Don’t you feel that guy and in fact their family will be  a great friend of yours? Yes, it is and has been seen in many studies that such an act creates strong friends for life.


Act of helping others is a great feeling and mission. If you have done well in life and have something which you can offer to the society, you should help. Helping is not just with the money, it can be any act which can help society improve.