How To Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

Accidents can occur everywhere. In fact, a significant number of people have to go to the emergency room to get their injuries arising from slip or fall accidents treated. While the outcomes of these accidents vary depending on the extent of the injuries, the same shouldn’t be taken for granted. Here are some of the most common reasons for accidents involving slipping and falling and how to avoid them:

Why does slipping and falling occur?

You should remember that slip and fall accidents are caused by several factors. These accidents can even take place because of the negligence of an employer, property owner or an individual who is not cautious or careful about putting measures in place to prevent these types of accidents.

Here are few of the reasons why people are slipping and falling:

Wet and uneven surfaces

Take note that the majority of reported mishaps related to slipping and falling occur because of damp and uneven surfaces.

  • Injuries arising from slips and falls are preventable – especially those that result from a wet or uneven surface. That’s why it’s important to remember that walking can be dangerous due to the following situations:
  1. a) Defective sidewalks
  2. b) Loose mats
  3. c) Messy floors
  4. d) Movable flashboards
  5. e) Poorly constructed staircases
  6. f) Potholes in the parking lot
  7. g) Recently mopped floors
  8. h) Torn carpets
  • Since these are frequent occurrences in commercial, industrial and public places, avoiding them should be everybody’s responsibility.


Having improper footwear can also factor into your chances of getting hurt by a slip and fall accident.

  • Keep in mind that any kind of footwear can be hazardous especially they don’t offer the right type of adhesion.
  • May it be six-inch heels or sneakers, they can equally result in slip and fall accidents if they’re improperly worn at home or in public.

Weather Conditions

Although weather conditions are uncontrollable, they can still lead to slips and falls if proper safety procedures are not carried out.

  • Since weather conditions can affect the surroundings, property owners and even local government units should take responsibility to ensure everyone’s safety. These measures can be in the form of cleaning the walkways, plowing the streets and shoveling sidewalks.
  • However, the failure on their part to protect you from the dangers presented by changing weather conditions can be a cause of action to hold them liable if you end up sustaining an injury.

Lack of proper training

In most cases, slip and fall injuries occur in our place of work, particularly in a construction business, because of lack of proper training.

  • Bear in mind that individuals working in high-risk industries should exercise a considerable amount of precaution to prevent accidents from happening.
  • They should be well-trained on how to use the tools and equipment required in order to remain safe. A safety plan should also be provided so that workers will be wary about their safety.
  • The same goes when you are working as a driver because slip and fall accidents can take place even inside a moving vehicle. For instance, stepping on the brakes too quickly because you were too distracted in using your device while driving, can become the reason of a passenger’s slip and fall injury. And when this happens, you might need to seek help from a distracted driving lawyer.


There are circumstances where fraud can also be a reason for slipping and falling. Although it’s shocking, these types of catastrophes take place because of fraudulent acts.

  • For instance, falls and slips may happen when someone at work or even in public areas intentionally spill oil or water on the floor, and then slip on it. This is an explicit representation of fraud and one of the reasons why individuals sustain slip and fall injuries.
  • However, cases like these may be difficult to be proven without clear and convincing evidence. That’s why fraud cases are rare, but it’s still included in the list.

How to avoid slip and fall accidents

Prevention is indeed better than the cure. In all circumstances, nobody wishes to sustain a slip and fall injury. With proper precaution, below are some ways that accidents involving slipping and falling can be avoided at work, home, or in public areas:

  1. Wear proper shoes. Wearing proper shoes can minimize the possibility of experiencing a slip and fall injury. Figure out the appropriate footwear for your work and be careful when wearing high-heels or shoes without much grip.
  2. Observe proper lighting. Make sure you have decent lighting in your place. It may be at home, at work or in a public place, you should ensure you have sufficient light to see what you’re doing.
  3. Always clean up slippery surfaces. Don’t leave the floor wet as much as possible. When there’s a spill, wipe it up immediately or inform someone about the mess so that it will be taken care of quickly.
  4. Good housekeeping. Clear your stairs and remove all messy objects. Maintain good housekeeping at all times to avoid slip and fall accidents at home.
  5. Be careful of your surroundings. Wherever you are, it’s important to be extra cautious of your surroundings. Always put your safety as your foremost priority.
  6. Have proper training. If you’re working in an accident-prone industry, you shouldn’t forget to equip yourself with the appropriate training. Make use of safety tools and equipment to help prevent rid of slip and fall accidents.

Dealing with injuries arising from slips and falls can impact your life because they can be fatal depending on the circumstances. If you or your loved one has been suffering from a slip and fall injury, you may need an experienced lawyer such as ones here to determine the appropriate legal remedies for your situation. The legal advice from an attorney can also guide you throughout this challenging process.

Author Bio : Pamela Richardson hopes to impart knowledge on the law to the common reader through her pieces. Pamela tries to keep herself fit and active during her free time and is hoping to one day start up her own new business.