Even with all the progress mankind has made in the fields of technology and healthcare, surprisingly most developed nations are inflicted with an overabundance of health problems. Take the US for example, where nearly $3.2 trillion are spent every year dealing with healthcare concerns, which comes to around $10,000 per person annually. So is it technological advances or the progress humankind has made in the fields of science that is to blame? Of course not! It all comes down to ill-informed choices that we make on a daily basis that creates complications for our well-being. The answer lies in lack of awareness and that is why through this post we would like to shed some light on how our current lifestyles, especially in an urban setting, constantly deteriorate our overall health.

So let’s take a quick look at each one of them:

Poor and Unhealthy Diet  

There is a lot to be said here but unfortunately, the limitations of time and space don’t allow us to go all out to inform you just how bad we have become in selecting the right food and edibles for ourselves. The majority of the population doesn’t seem to give any care when it comes to the consumption of junk items, fast food, processed meat, and hydrogenated oils. These are the poisons that destroy our bodily systems and eat away at our organisms from the inside. All of these aforementioned items are literarily murderers to our health and well-being. They are the primary reasons behind many inflictions that the general public suffers from including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neuro-musculoskeletal problems, obesity, and the list goes on. It seems like we have selected for ourselves the easiest way to feed ourselves even if it means that our unhealthy diet could potentially be killing us softly without us even knowing. The right choice is to awaken now and steer ourselves in the right direction so that we can protect our future and those of our loved ones from falling astray in the upcoming years. Here are some superfoods that you should consider adding to your diet instead:

  • Dry fruits and nuts in moderation can be a great addition to your diet. These include raw forms of almonds, cashews, walnuts, and other members of the family. There is more than enough variety here to keep you occupied throughout the week so that you don’t get bored eating the same type of nut.
  • Blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, you name it are filled with antioxidants, fiber, photo chemicals, and vitamins that can help lower the risk of developing hard to fight diseases.
  • Fishes like Salman, pilchards, sardines, and mackerels are all a great catch for you as they offer you healthy omega-3 fatty acids and tons of other vitamins. The range of benefits includes lowering blood pressures, removing harmful triglycerides, and even making your bones stronger.
  • Beans, lentils, legumes are low in fat but high in protein. They offer you a terrific source of iron, phosphorous, and potassium. They can help you control your blood sugar levels and are a good source of fiber too.
  • Fresh and leafy green vegetables like broccoli are not only vitamin-rich but also considered quite healthy since they contain cancer-fighting agents such as sulforaphane.

Sedentary LifeStyles

Sitting or lying down at ease throughout the majority of our days has plagued our lives for the worst possible end imaginable. The majority of us with our internet and Wi-Fi connections as well as other gadgets have ruined our lives for those things that are totally worthless. Video streaming online, playing video games, binge-watching serials and TV shows, social media usage, surfing on the internet, using our smartphones and that too for continuous hours without stopping have made us slaves of our own devices. Even when we commute from home to work we take the help of local transport, travel in a vehicle, and seldom walk so either we are standing or simply sitting all the way. Next up when we reach our office our cubicles keep us occupied for more than 8 hours a day and finally, when we reach back home it’s either the TV or sofa that has us glued till we sleep. Physical excursions are out of the picture, people pay money to watch sports rather than play it for free by themselves, those gym membership cards rust away in the corner, and all we can do is complain of waistlines bulging and gaining weight at a tremendous pace. It is time to wake up and look for ourselves at what we are doing! Because if you wait any longer not even professional doctors or an expert Atlanta chiropractor can help you recover from your loss. Here is what you need to do:

  • If you are a member of a fitness club or have a gym membership then please do visit the place. Start by at least going there once a week, we are damn sure that it will call out to you more often, but the first step is the hardest one! Take it!
  • If your office is nearby then do consider getting a bicycle or even better wake early and walk there. Walking offers your body a tremendous workout for all of your muscles. The more you walk in your life the more years you add to your lifespan, it is that simple.
  • Gather a group of likeminded friends and see if you can play your favorite sports amongst each other. Whether it is baseball, basketball, or even racket sports, simply go for it and make it your favorite free-time activity.
  • Plan out picnics, hiking trips, and even camping with family and friends. Let the nature around you guide you towards a better path in life. Discard those devices and gadgets around you for a day or two and see how much better it makes you feel afterward.

We hope this post was able to shed some important light on the subject regarding how our lifestyle choices are the major reasons behind our health concerns. We hope that you do the right thing and spread the word. For more questions and queries regarding the topic, please mention your feedback in the comment section below.