Travel Industry

A lot of times corporate executives are required to travel to new destinations to seek out new opportunities, venture into new markets, and develop ties with an overseas agent. Before the Coronavirus epidemic this year, China was regarded as the most visited place by all business folk. Nearly 1.3 million business trips are conducted every year by corporate travelers residing in the US alone. According to the GBTA (Global Business Travel Association), corporate traveling accounts for more than 480 million business trips around the world. This increase in business travel has since caused the rate of hotel rooms to rise by 4-6% throughout the world. Regardless of whatever may be the cause behind your trip for business, traveling offers you a range of troubles including lack of sleep, fatigue, and various other discomforts and inconveniences. That is why in this post we would like to offer you some valuable suggestions as to why you should stick with a corporate travel agency when intending to visit a new place. So let’s take a quick look at each one of them:

Cost-Effective & Terrific Savings

Perhaps one of the biggest factors to take into consideration when using to travel with an agency supporting you all the way is because they offer you terrific price cuts as well as loyalty rewards if you chose to stick with them in the course of the long run. These savings are indeed lifesavers as they can effectively make your budget to travel all the more manageable and reasonable. They can offer you the best rates for your tickets, hotel stay-ins, and even discounts on your meals and inner-city travels. This is due to the fact that they develop long term relationships with various players and agents in the traveling and tourism industry. In the end, they are able to offer you an incredible bargain for the entirety of your trip and all included costs associated with your travel.

Time Efficient & Properly Planned Arrangements

Remember that corporate travel is a much more serious affair than personal travel or travel for entertainment purposes. Each time you make a trip, you are racing against the clock as there are appointments to be made, meetings to attend, deadlines to meet, and much more. The most important factor for your trip thus becomes managing your time appropriately. You simply cannot wait in line like the rest to get things done. A corporate agency can help you unlock doors and open up for you the proper channels that make the use of your time all the more valuable. They understand your sense of urgency and hence make sure that your time is well spent. They shower you with conveniences to make sure that no time is wasted in doing mundane things. Bookings for flights is fast and easy, reserving rooms at the hotel is quickly done, even vehicles can be arranged as per the orders that pick you up from one place on time and drop you off to your desired location. All of these arrangements are preplanned and shared with you so that you are aware of your time on the trip more than anything else. For a corporate traveler, what else can you ask for more?

Healthy and Nutritious Meals/Packages/Deals

A lot of the time corporate traveling agencies can also prepare a meal plan for your business trips. This ensures that you eat and drink healthy items. The last thing you want is to make your stomach upset or fall sick during one of your trips. Hence to ensure that all is done according to your whims and wishes, agencies often share menus as per your preferences and that choice is up to you completely. However, a more daring and risky traveler would probably like to try out the different cuisines or traditional dishes of the new place they are visiting. The chances to get food poisoning and making your stomach sick are rather high for the latter. This is why recommend that you stick with the healthier choice and keep your trips more pleasant that way.

Travel Safety and Support

Another primary concern for travelers is the safety of their belongings as well for themselves. Corporate travel agencies offer you a complete support program so that if any mishap occurs or things go south, you have a better chance for recovery. A lot of the times we travel with important documents and valuable files that simply cannot be misplaced. However, an unforeseen event can compromise our situation. In such cases, a corporate agency can reach out to you and offer their support which is more than comforting to say the least. There are many instances where agencies often help travelers retrieve their important belongings after they were reported stolen or lost by other authorities. So yes why take the risk, instead, we should definitely stick with an agency that has the best intentions for us.

Focus on Individual Preferences      

Nowadays since the competition is higher than usual many agencies are out there to offer you personalized traveling experiences so as to stand out from other services. This naturally adds more flavor to them. They would inquire about your likes and dislikes to make sure that all inconveniences perceived by you are removed from the entirety of your trip.  This may include hotel room booking preferences, your personal taste in music, and your likes/dislikes regarding food and drinkable items. At times they even ask for what kind of room freshener you prefer to be used.

We hope this post was able to offer you some great insights as to how corporate travel agencies make your business trips all the more comfortable and refreshing. However, each agency has its own list of benefits as well as shortcomings so it is best to evaluate your options first before making a decision. For more information regarding the topic please feel free to share with us your questions and queries in the comment section below. For now, we wish you all the best for future business trips, Bon Voyage!