According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), six in ten adults in the US, unfortunately, suffer from a chronic disease and every four in ten adults grieves from two or more chronic diseases. It is also backed up by the US National Health Council which states that nearly 133 million Americans have been affected by chronic diseases in 2019, which represents around 40% of the entire population, and regrettably, this number is to rise by the end of the year 2020.

Chronic diseases are explained as pains and illnesses that last more than six months and continue to show up and return after short periods of time, hence not getting eliminated from your life and body completely. Chronic diseases have become a large factor in contributing to the death poll in America, with about $3.5 trillion health care cost that the US bears annually. According to the US National Centre for Health Statistics, around 40 million Americans suffer from a health condition that causes them disability from their usual doings and normal routine activities. To bring awareness and betterment in people’s life, chiropractors started working professionally by handling and manipulating the spine and the musculoskeletal system of the human body so that they can contribute to bringing down the pain and misery in people’s life.

What causes Chronic diseases and which of these can be managed by chiropractors?

The main reasons for chronic diseases include high use of alcohol, lack of physical exercise and activity, excessive use of tobacco, and unbalanced diets or poor nutrition. Also, a known trend has been found that aging can also cause chronic diseases to prevail as the human body and its energy decline with the increase in age. Any of these mentioned factors may be responsible for the damage to your body which ends with pain and ache, so in order to keep people healthy and be able to perform well in lives, chiropractors work hard to make it possible.

Although there is a whole list of chronic diseases that are found in today’s world, that includes heart diseases also known as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, obesity, back and neck pain, knee pain, shoulder strains,  Alzheimer and Dementia, mood changes and disorders, Epilepsy and cancer, but some are so challenging that it might not be possible to cure them without a proper medication routine. On the other hand, there is a huge list of problems that may get cured easily by the help of a chiropractor. Here are some of the conditions where a chiropractor can offer you prolific support:

  1. Subluxation, which is the misalignment of the discs in the spine, partially dislocated
  2. Acute Back pain and shoulder pain due to a strain
  3. Migraines and severe headaches
  4. Car accidents wounds, whiplash injuries
  5. Lower back pain due to movement of heavy structures or from falling and tripping over
  6. Sciatica
  7. Sports Injuries

How Chiropractors help in avoiding and fighting diseases?

With around more than a hundred thousand chiropractors working all around the globe, it is estimated that about 27 million people in America get treated by the chiropractors annually, yet WHO (World Health Organization) states there is an acute shortage of health service providers all over the world. With the increase in population, it is becoming a health challenge to provide people healthy and pain-free life.

The key to chiropractic is to maintain the right pressure on the nerves to avoid discrepancies in the human body, therefore chiropractors mainly focus on the proper alignment and adjustment of the spine and the musculoskeletal system because doing so will help in reducing the pain and avoiding it from showing up again.

A chiropractor begins by running through the medical history of the patient, to know and learn about any allergies or diseases that may have been around before. Doing so further helps them to plan and manage for the treatment according to the medical history of the patient, hence being very careful about the ‘to be performed procedure’ avoiding any doubts and uncertainties. Next, they may evaluate the health and condition of the spine because the treatment and procedure revolve around it. Furthermore, they may ask and inquire about the pain and its whereabouts to know what is the real concern that has been bothering the patient. A good assessment of the spine may be fruitful in providing additional help to the patient by recommending proper exercise and workouts to lessen the pain and bring relief. Chiropractors work by a patient-centered strategy, hence resulting in the most effective pain management and decision making for the treatment of the patients.

With no undue use of the medications and surgeries going on for the patient during its treatment, it evidently becomes likely for the patient to call it a healthy and admirable way of lessening the pain. It is due to the fact that pain killers only make the pain vanish temporarily, on the contrary, chiropractic pain management has proven to give organized and healthy care to the patients by digging in to find the real cause of the disease and then eliminating it entirely for a secure and pain-free future ahead.

Another important factor to choose a chiropractic procedure is its cost-effectiveness. A study revealed that chiropractic treatment may take a longer time than medications and surgeries but due to the lesser frequency of pain showing up over and over again, it costs us less than other medical treatments that are followed through medicine and surgeries.

Once a chiropractic treatment gets done and the person experiences lessened pain, chiropractors start to develop a planned and guided nutritional chart for their patients to ensure a healthy life ahead, avoiding any possible shortcomings in the future. Not only this, but additional information about the right exercises and workouts after the treatment is also provided by the practitioner.

Since chiropractic treatment focuses on handling and manipulating the spine and adjusting it accordingly, healthy healing is to be experienced because the spine connects the nerves to the entire body and hence the right pressure on the nerves brings out the right results too. Not only this, but it also happens to improve body function as an extra benefit to the body.

Summing up the entire information, it sounds worthy to visit a chiropractor clinic in case of experiencing any body pain that does not happen to leave on its own. Similarly, if there is a serious condition or if the pain lasts more than three to six months, a visit to the chiropractor becomes mandatory. With not so many Chiropractors available on hand, it might seem like a good idea to go to chiropractor Atlanta, GA  if a person luckily lives nearby.

We hope that the post was able to bring in a decent amount of information about looking after your body for a stress-free and secure future. For questions and feedback, feel free to send us your feedback via the comments section below.