In recent years, we have seen a lot of young people starting their own company and earning so much at such a young age. Millennials are indeed proving to know more about tapping into the market’s current pulse and knowing how to leverage on it. For instance, some of them are now earning just by posting photos brandishing products both from big-named companies and even small ones.

Indeed, they have found a way to make a business out of their hobbies and interests. So here are some of the things we can learn from them.

Just do it

At the risk of sounding like a Nike endorser, what Millennials (and even Gen Zs) have that some of us older folk don’t have is the drive to start something and follow through with it. When they have an idea, concrete plans, and a vision for it, they do not hesitate to get the ball rolling.

Market know-how

Because most of this generation is spending their time online, they know when the market pulse has shifted. Therefore, they know how they can best adapt to the changing buying behaviour of consumers. For instance, with the amount of hacking happening in the recent years, they know that they need to secure their website with an SSL certificate to protect the interests of their customers. For some of us, it takes a fraud incident and a customer filing a complaint to get us to set-up security measures on our website.


If you want to spread the word, you need to create content consistently. Millennials are masters of scheduling posts, writing enticing captions, and doing it every single day. This does not just apply to social media posts, but in whatever efforts they are pushing for their business. If they are video content creators, then they must stick to publish content on their channel. It is going to be a slow start for your business since there is a lot of competition out there. But if there is one thing we can learn from Millennials, it’s their persistence. So just be consistent.

Continuous learning

Millennials are fond of reading up on people who have become successful in the industry they want to be in. Instagram promoters look to models, video creators look to other successful channels, and techpreneurs look to giants like Steve Jobs and more. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are imitating them. On the contrary, they learn from others so that they know which gap to address or what to make better.

Share the brand story incessantly

When it comes to sharing with the world the business is about, Millennial are known to create all kinds of content just for it. They write blog articles, infographics, videos, and even animations so that they can effectively show the consumers what the business model is, what the company is about, and what they can get from following the business.

Keep engagement going

All of these strategies lead to keeping the consumers engaged with the brand. If you have conversations with them, continue including them in the progress of your brand, and making sure you are able to provide the best for your market.

What is more admirable about them is their passion with what they are doing. Because these are hobbies and interests they are profiting from, their main drivers is to make sure those who share those interests are given the proper tools to enjoy it even more — this is their main motivation. We can start applying these to our business and see how it will influence our current model.