Broome Holidays

Broome holidays have become increasingly popular in recent years. The town was originally built around the thriving pearling industry, but Broome holiday packages now allow you to explore this amazing area. Among the most stunning attractions are Cable Beach with 22 kilometres of white sand, a variety of water sports and a working pearl farm. With all these fantastic attractions, you may wonder how long is enough for your first visit. So, here we’ll explore the different types of Broome holidays to help you make your plans.

Traditional Beach Holidays

If you want a family holiday with daily trips to a stunning beach, a few sightseeing tours, evening meals in local restaurants and some shopping, a week or two should be plenty of time to spend in Broome. There are lots of beach activities available on Cable Beach or you can simply stroll the white sands and watch the clear blue Indian Ocean waters lapping. Broome has lots of family friendly restaurants and some great sights where you and your children can learn about the pearling industry and Broome’s amazing history.

Kimberley Safari

Broome holidays are a great starting point for a Kimberley Safari. The Kimberley is one of the last unspoiled wilderness sites in Australia or even the world, where you can see some stunning flora and fauna. Since your safari is likely to to be action packed, it is worth taking three or four days in Broome to relax and take in the sights. Depending on your itinerary, you may even be able to enjoy a couple of days to decompress on your way back.

Surfing Holidays

Cable Beach has a steady supply of gentle, small waves throughout the dry season. This makes it a superb place to learn surfing. A week should be plenty of time for this type of holiday. You can surf by day and enjoy some fantastic Broome eateries at night for a fantastic break.

Fishing Tours

There are a number of Broome holiday packages that are tailored towards keen anglers. A fishing tour allows you to enjoy some of the best game fishing in the region. While 4 or 5 days is advisable for keen anglers looking to hook a barra, if you just want to get together with a few mates, a long weekend may be a good choice.

Broome is a fantastic place to visit, and it is easy to reach from Perth. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing family holiday or an action packed adventure, you can plan your itinerary to have a dream break. You can choose Broome holiday packages, including flights to make your travel plans even easier. Just be sure to think about the type of holiday you want to enjoy so that you can plan the perfect itinerary.

If you are interested in Broome holidays, be sure to speak to us. The Broome Kimberley and Beyond team would be delighted to discuss our Broome holiday packages to help you to plan all the details of your trip for a fantastic break.