Premier Academy teaches modern Taekwondo as prescribed by the Kukkiwon and World Taekwondo Federation (the official governing bodies for Taekwondo). Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific traditional martial arts, originating in Korea. It has become a global sport with a huge international following, and an official Olympic sport.

What is Taekwondo?

The Korean word Taekwondo comes from the words Tae, or “foot” or “to step on;” Kwon, which means “fist” or “fight;” and Do refers to a “way,” “art” or “discipline.” The combination of these words embodies the essence of the sport. Essentially, the word Taekwondo means “the way of using all parts of the body to stop fights and help to build a better and more peaceful world.”

Taekwondo is similar many other Oriental martial arts and shares some features with them, particularly those from countries surrounding Korea, like Japan and China. Taekwondo differs from most other oriental martial arts in that it is very dynamic, with active movements that include a huge variety of kicks and footwork. Like most oriental martial arts, Taekwondo shares the principle of physical movements being in harmony with the student’s state of mind, and their life as a whole.

Where can I find Taekwondo training in Perth?

Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy has been offering taekwondo training in Perth for over 10 years in its current location, and the Academy’s instructors have been teaching and training in taekwondo in Perth for over 20 years. The Academy offers taekwondo classes seven days a week at its purpose-built, fulltime martial arts centre. Students at Premier Academy learn Taekwondo kicking and footwork as it is embedded in our Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts system. Our Junior students learn traditional Taekwondo poomsae (patterns or kata) to improve their focus and discipline. Training in Taekwondo poomsae is optional for students in our Teen and Adult programs. Premier Academy also has a very active Sports Taekwondo team, and these students compete successfully in both sparring and poomsae at local, state and national levels.

Our Principal Instructor, Zlatan Jovanov, is a 7th Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt, and is authorised to grade students up to and including 6th Dan. All of our instructors are Kukkiwon-certified, and all of our students are eligible to have their rank recognised by the Kukkiwon. This Kukkiwon certification means that all belts issued are valid and recognised world-wide and our students are able to compete in all sanctioned events.

Benefits of training in Taekwondo at Premier Academy

Building Fitness

A typical taekwondo class at Premier Academy involves dynamic punching and kicking drills, technique applications, poomsae (patterns), self-defence and core-strengthening exercises, plus stretches to improve your flexibility. You will find that your stamina and strength will improve dramatically through these active movements. For younger children, learning and practicing their poomsae — specific patterns of defence and attack movements — leads to better motor skills and body control while also improving focus and concentration. A 2014 study published in Sports Medicine noted that taekwondo athletes demonstrate high peak anaerobic power, flexibility and high dynamic upper- and lower-body strength and good core endurance.

Learning Respect

Respect and honour are tenants of martial arts, especially so in taekwondo. You respect the discipline, the Academy, your fellow students and your teacher. You are expected to come neatly dressed in a clean uniform and adhere to the rules of the gym. At the beginning and end of class, you bow to your teacher and also to your fellow students. Higher belt athletes are also shown respect as they have demonstrated the discipline and commitment to achieve their status. You learn to respect them and their commands. Students of taekwondo are also expected to translate this respect for cleanliness, discipline and people of authority outside of the Academy, whether that be school, work or home.

Practicing Self-Discipline

In addition to building respect for authority, taekwondo training teaches students to respect themselves. As students advance through the belts this achievement builds self-confidence. The discipline required in learning forms as well as specific punching and kicking techniques builds confidence and mental focus. In children, often grades and behaviour improve as taekwondo training builds their confidence and enhances their attention.

Engaging in Self Defense

At its core, Taekwondo is about learning to diffuse situations. The practice is defensive, rather than offensive. What you learn in Taekwondo training can prevent you from becoming a victim in threatening situations.

Increasing Concentration

Taekwondo also involves unifying the mind with the body. The concentration required to learn and practice the forms (poomsaes) gives you better control of your punching and kicking, which leads to harmony within your body. When your body works in harmony, you can translate this to the entirety of your life and how you operate in society.