Project Management Software

Seamless communication is the key in every business sector. However, according to recent research released, 59% of the U.S workers say communication is their team’s major hurdle to overcome, followed by accountability.

Handling numerous projects, allotting tasks and co-operating with team members are challenging- but with the passage of time, things become impossible when unpredicted hitches get in the way.

Miscommunication has always been a major cause for project management failure as inefficiencies lead to confusions and create a stressful environment among the entire department. This eventually hampers the company’s ability to fulfill clients’ needs or smash end-of-year goal line.

Luckily, there are countless project management tools available in the market to keep your team on-track without overspending. Yes, you read it right! It feels fantastic when you get best and free together all in one package, particularly if you’re searching for project management software.

Top Project Management Software and Tools

Let’s dive into the top 10 free project management software that will keep your team kicky and on the similar page- no matter what task you need to achieve!

#1. Trello

trelloTrello is very easy-to-use software that enables you to organize everything seamlessly. Right from your vacation plans, daily routine tasks to large projects. This collaborative platform allows teams to efficiently manage their work and help you to keep track of progress with smart visuals and simple boards. More so, it also lets you observe a particular stage a task.


  • Organize and customize lists of all your tasks
  • You can add your tasks to the selected lists
  • You can use the notification menu to monitor everything like comments, checklists, and deadlines
  • With power-up option, you can view the calendar of tasks, automatic deletion of old jobs and voting options.


The free version of the tool includes endless lists, cards, boards, attachments (10MB) and checklists. Whereas, the Business Class version is $9.99/user/month, which provide you 25MB attached files space, email support, and much more.

#2. Asana

asanaAsana is the most common project management software that millions of people use across 192 countries. The main advantage of Asana is- it has a simple and easy interface. Asana is a one-stop solution that enables you to make boards to know the status of your project and allows you to generate a report to track completed tasks and jobs that demands your immediate focus.


  • Allows you to make templates to relieve you from tedious tasks
  • Enable you to work together and share information through your team, confidentially and securely
  • You get an alternative to fix security panels and designate multiple admins
  • You can integrate 100 people to maintain efficiency throughout the process
  • You can filter tasks, practice project fields and share documents hassle free


Up to 15 people team can use this platform for unlimited project management.

#3. Xtensio


Xtensio is an amazing tool for helping the teams to communicate and collaborate efficiently. It is one of the best online collaborations tools for businesses that make project management a breeze.  Whether you want to create sales sheets, agendas, or edit, publish, and share the documents, you can keep your team updated with this platform. No matter where your employees are, Xtensio lets you work collaboratively in real-time!


  • Lets you easily create and share living documents.
  • You can make stunning presentations with images, tables, and more.
  • Adaptably collaborative; you can add notes, revert mistakes and sync it with other devices
  • Lets you work under the customizable dashboard
  • Manage group documents by categories
  • Lets you embed website.
  • Completely secure; the plans include SSL encryption and backups.


While the trial version is free, you can pay through credit card to get benefits of Pro account. The overall pricing depends on your plans.

#4. TeamWeek

teamweek softwareTeamWeek is an ideal platform for those who want to automation in task delegation process, and visualize which project has been accomplished and which haven’t. If you more often collaborate your team with other departments, this tool will prove to be useful.


  • With Ghantt- chart visualization, you can keep track of important deadlines and assignments
  • Easily get integrated with GitHub, Slack, Evernote and more
  • You can collaborate with the team through shared calendars and task notes that help you keep track of each employee


It is free for unlimited projects, but up to 5 team members only.

#5. Wrike

WrikeWrike is a useful project management tool for teams who seek options like modified workflows, edit and review projects within the tool. This tool allows you to be on-the-go with a user-friendly mobile interface and can coat calendars and code according to each task. You can seamlessly upload videos or documents or comment in sections and prepare custom arenas to transfer data, which is essential.


  • It is highly secured assuring you that only authorized employees can access the information
  • You will have Activity Stream option to enable project managers to manage minor tasks, ticket team members and observe activities in sequential order
  • You can easily de-clutter your personal Stream by unfollowing functions
  • Bring into line calendar and emails
  • It has inbuilt editing and approval feature


Absolutely free for 5 team members.

#6. Teamwork

teamworkTeamwork is the best project management tools that allow you to bring together remote workers as well. It enables you to create each employees status updates, so your remote and flexible teams know their associates’ schedules. It also offers the option to assign tickets and view customer emails all at one platform.


  • Customizable triangulation to highlight your team’s needs
  • It has a Gantt chart for visualizing deadlines and project timelines
  • You will also get a private option to secure your project details and send private messages as well
  • With the team member status, you can set updates for remote or flexible team members seamlessly


It is absolutely free for 2-5 users.

#7. ClickUp

ClickUp is a well-known project management tool that offers unique features for customization. It can be the right platform for your team as it includes the choice for every user to select one of the three altered ways to assess their tasks relying on particular penchant.

If your marketing department has to communicate with the design and development and sales team, then this is an ideal platform.


  • It is capable of organizing the task as per priority and assigning jobs to different groups
  • You can set goals for your team to keep them on track towards their core objectives
  • You can sync Google calendar as well
  • It simplifies filtering, sorting, customizing, and searching options for handling each task efficiently
  • It integrates with 57 apps at one go


This tool is free till eternity with unlimited users, projects and 100MB of storage.

#8. Zoho Reports

Zoho-ReportsZoho Reports has a very user-friendly interface that enables you to create all-inclusive dashboards and data visualization so that you can keep yourself as well as your team on track. You can easily import data from external files, applications, cloud drives, and in-house apps, allowing you to create more accurate task report.


  • With BI visualization and drag-drop interface, using this tool becomes simpler
  • You can share and collaborate on reports and dashboards privately with your colleagues
  • It is embedded with Cloud BI reporting tool allowing you to generate accurate reports
  • The team collaboration is effortless as it integrates with Google Apps, Dropbox and Slack along with different mobile apps as well


It gives you 10GB storage and is free for one project only with multiple users.

#9. 2-Plan

2planIt’s a dream come true for technical project managers! 2-Plan is a certified tool to ease the life of project managers to get the things done within the deadlines. It is the best alternative to Microsoft Project that can manage your plans, work analysis, task management, risk management, mapping of tasks, etc.

It is the best tool for a single project manager or project management team to keep the goals balanced with current realities of intricate project approach, due dates, and processes.


  • It is an open source tool but doesn’t have cloud-based version
  • It includes a Scrum board to review the progress of each task
  • You can map your tasks with ideas that cross your mind
  • Easily allocate resources for each task


This tool is free but it is restricted to a limited team size.

#10. Todoist

todoistTodoist is a unique project management tool that quickly captures your ideas on your phone and reminds you about the same later. You can also make notes like bill payment in 3 days, and this app will automatically remind you. You can plan your to-do-list in this app and stay on top of your weekly tasks. You can say it is personal task management.


  • You get easy access to 10+ apps
  • It recurs deadlines so that you don’t miss out anything
  • It has SSL secured connection, protecting your data well
  • You can create sub-tasks and sub-projects to make the allocation process easier


It is free for a single user, but for team collaboration, you need to pay a specific amount. More so, you can manage 80 projects by assigning five people per project.

#11. Paymo

PaymoThis tool is an ideal choice for freelancers or a small team as it allows access for one user only. It helps in tracking billable hours, making client invoicing process seamless. Besides this, Paymo also enables you to consolidate project timelines, create to-do-list, and stay on ahead of your financial plan for numerous projects at once.


  • It has time tracking feature that allows you to analyze how much time is consumed to accomplish each task
  • It has Kanban Boards that help you visualize your work efficiently
  • Easy sharing of files with clients and also includes Adobe CC extension
  • Generate timely reports
  • You can prepare three invoices at one-go


This tool is free for a single user with 1GB storage, but if you want to add more users you can purchase its premium features.

Wrapping up

If you want everything best, but free then think wisely before making any decision. However, most of the project management software are cloud-based, it makes your team collaboration more relaxed and more straightforward.

Author bio: Tracy Watson is a business development manager at Accounting To Taxes– a well-known company offering complete finance and accounting services. She has always been a great contributor to the accounting industry and also responsible for branding and lead generation. And being a passionate writer as well she helps businesses with her informative articles.