Manage Stress

Whether you’re attending a demo day that your accelerator is hosting, or you’re traveling to meet a potential business partner, living your life on the road is part of being an entrepreneur. Spending time traveling between cities and living out of a suitcase comes with the territory when you choose the entrepreneurship lifestyle. While being away from home can be stressful and put a strain on your personal and business relationships, there are ways to manage your stress when you’re an entrepreneur who travels frequently.

Joel Devidal as a founder and CEO, he has often found himself on the go. Beyond business, Joel is an active part of his community supporting local organizations and helping young entrepreneurs get their start.

Look at Travel as a Blessing

It might sound cliche, but looking at travel as a blessing can help reduce the stress you feel when you are away from home. Some people would be thrilled to get out of town and experience different locations; you get to travel for a living! When you stop looking at your entrepreneurial travels as a burden and instead focus on the incredible places you get to experience, travel suddenly becomes less stressful.

Schedule Time Off into Your Travels

Don’t force yourself to work 24/7 when you are traveling on business. Plan your adventures ahead of time, allowing small excursions to be part of your itinerary. Look up your destination on to discover excellent places to eat or must-see attractions. When you know your business trips aren’t all work and no play, you will find you dread traveling less and look forward to your trips out of town.

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Journal Your Journeys

Consider starting a travel journal. Capturing sights and sounds as you travel is a fantastic way to keep yourself in the moment. Take plenty of pictures with your smartphone to remind you of your business trips. If you find you enjoy writing about your travels, you might want to start a travel journal on or turn your travel snippets into content marketing posts on your company’s blog.

Control Your Reactions

How you react to stress when traveling is a choice. You can let being away from home aggravate you, or you can immerse yourself in peacefulness and tranquility. When you’re on your deathbed looking back at life, you’re not going to wish you stressed more or let silly travel frustrations get to you. You’ll wish you experienced life more fully and gave yourself the freedom to truly appreciate the beautiful places you visited. Entrepreneurs who realize giving into stress is a choice find they are much better able to handle the ups-and-downs of life on the road.

Remember these travel tips for entrepreneurs the next time you are forced to make a business trip, and you might find you’re joyful when you’re traveling. You might not be turning cartwheels down the aisle of the airplane, but chances are good there will be a definite spring in your step.

About Joel Devidal:

Joel Devidal is a businessman with over 30 years of experience working in Asia primarily operating in the online marketing and retail spaces. Joel’s extensive experience taught him to understand how to maximize profits in the space and help good ideas grow into successful businesses.

He also is an active member of his community; he supports local arts by contributing to the Theatre groups and serving on a panel at the Management Institute advising older workers on how to learn new skills to re-enter the workforce.