Hassle-free Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migration

With the buzz around, you have started considering whether you should pursue Google Workspace Migration to Office 365. Suppose you are a business in the process of scaling up and already aware of the desktop Microsoft applications. In that case, you are better off selecting to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. Although, we would love for you to reach the same decision based on a detailed comparison and choose between Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. 

Google Workspace Vs Microsoft 365: A Comparison

Both Google Workspace and Office 365 are powerful contenders in the game of productivity & collaborative business tools. Google Workspace or Office 365 are brands that are most preferred and used by millions of users. So, it is not a question of which one is the better business suite, but the proper question to ask is which is the best suite that suits your business.

Here are a few insights into both Office 365 & Google Workspace features that you should know to help you decide.

The commonalities that the 2 collaborative and productivity tools share provide the same benefits:

  •  Easy access from anywhere to data on Cloud Virtual Desktop with 100% uptime
  •  Controlled and secured organizational communications
  •  Real-time cloud sync & storage
  •  Highly scalable with add-on tools and extensions
  •  Efficiently collaborative

But here is where the differences between Google Workspace & Office 365 matter the most:

  •  Microsoft 365 has online versions of the business tools and desktop versions with refined functionality, which is not the case for Google Workspace.
  •  When it comes to Office 365 vs Google Workspace, with higher integrity and no data loss due to the Microsoft collaboration with the desktop versions as well, again, Microsoft comes as a prizewinner when compared to Google Workspace.
  •  With an integrated calendar and ‘Microsoft to Do’ linked to all the Office 365 applications, seamlessly create tasks, get reminders, & increase productivity on a single platform. Unlike Google Workspace, which works independently from its calendar & other apps.
  •  Microsoft’s emailing through Outlook offers multiple email interface customizations & collaborations when compared to Google Workspace and, more importantly, comes with Azure support. 
  • Overall, Google Workspace Migration to Office 365 is the perfect option as Microsoft has better enterprise productivity software with better familiarity with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, & other applications from the beginning. For a few organizations, it is important to have offline desktop apps for better internal communications.

Google Workspace Migration to Microsoft 365:

The following steps are involved in undertaking the Google Workspace Migration to Microsoft 365 with no data loss and without affecting everyday business:

  1. Domain Verification
  2. Add Users to M365
  3. Creating a Migration Batch to Start the Google Workspace to Office 365 Migration
  4. Updating DNS Records
  5. Stopping sync with Google Workspace

Following a simple IMAP configuration or a suitable tool, each step is manually taken care of or done automatically by the Apps4Rent team of expert application migration specialists who have tremendous experience in handling the Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 migration step-by-step.


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