You probably don’t know as much about weed as you thought you did? Weed has come a long way from the days it was sold on street corners away from the prying eyes of the law and disapproving society. These days, weed is a sophisticated product that fuels an entire industry. The legalization of weed has attracted new users ranging from soccer moms to college students.

Here is a beginners’ guide to buying the best weed in Canada.


Weed of the highest quality has a pleasant and pungent aroma. Plants with a “loud” or “dank” odor are top quality. If you are looking for the best flower, you must seek that which secrets a strong fragrance. The aromas emitted by high-quality buds or “nugs” include “piney”, “diesely” and “skunky”.

A good smelling flower must have an unmistakable smell that is strong, pungent, and distinct. If you buy weed online, you can tell if its high quality after it is delivered through the smell it produces over the packaging. That is why it is important to buy your weed from a reputable dispensary.


Once your weed is delivered and the smell satisfies you, the next indicator of its quality is how it looks. To guarantee you receive the best weed, ensure that you are dealing with a renowned online dispensary Canada.

There are visual hints that can help you gauge the quality of a high-end flower sourced from fresh and healthy produce. If you are a pothead, you may think that all weed is appealing but for the real connoisseurs of weed, a top-shelf strain should have vibrant colors in a brilliant array.

Top quality weed has a lime green color that is deep and has red to flaming orange hairs. A range of colors from bright blue to deep purple also indicates good quality. Brown color indicates low-quality weed.

You can also determine good quality weed by the number of trichomes, the crystal-like appendages that are tiny and glimmer on the surface of the plant. These are responsible for the smell, effects, and flavor of the flower. The more trichomes your eyes can see, the higher the quality of the weed.


Buying weed is easy. You can mail order weed Canada from a renowned online dispensary. When the weed arrives, you can expect it to be slightly spongy and sticky to touch or when you gently squeeze it between your fingers if it is of high quality. The weed should be easy to break apart by separating the bud and the stem. The weed should not be too dry to crumble apart or too wet.

You do not have to be a weed connoisseur to enjoy the best quality. All you need is basic knowledge on what to expect when you order your weed from a reputable online dispensary. The smell that initially hits you, the look of the flower, and the feel of the product should be enough indicators of whether you have high quality weed on your hands.