As early as a few years within the boom of online gaming, game account trading had become a thing. To this day, this trend continues. And due to the inclusion of persistent elements in genres beyond MMORPGs, even online shooter accounts now have monetary value. Included in this bunch is Apex Legends, Titanfall spinoff and EA & Respawn Entertainment’s first and so far its greatest Battle Royale game. Curious how much an Apex Legends account can be worth? Then it’stime to find out how to use an Apex Legends Account Calculator.

The Price of Legends

Before reading on, take note that this post cannot be used to accurately compute how much an Apex Legends account is. Rather, it can, at best, only make approximations. Nevertheless, it’s much better to have a rough estimate on prices than complete guesswork.

The first thing that affects an accounts price is whether it has Legends other than the default ones. The legends you have to buy are the following:

  • Mirage – Primary role: distraction and decoy; generates illusions to confuse the opposing team.
  • Caustic – Uses noxious gas to trap enemies and deal damage over time over a certain area.
  • Octane – Focused on fast movement and self-recovery; special skill helps teammate mobility.

Because these legends can be bought using real money, their worth in USD can be added directly to their price when sold.

Worth Beyond Skin-Deep

In-game items in an account also influence an account’s price. There are lots of items, which are the following:

    • Skins – Items that cosmetically change weapons and armor
    • Legend Finishers – Special cutscenes that play upon downing an enemy.
    • Banners – Loadout-altering items. Its three types include:
      • Frames – Changes specific legend design
      • Poses
      • Stat Trackers – Keeps track of certain actions performed, such as kills and assists.

These items vary in rarity and, therefore, worth. Rarity comes in tiers, namely:

  • Common – Items that are frequently handed out by RNG.
  • Rare – Despite the name, rare items are not as uncommon as the rarity tier it is named after.
  • Epic – Items that are less likely to be obtained through RNG than Rare. Not applicable to frames and stat trackers.
  • Legendary – Items given out in the fewest quantities. While all legend finishers are legendary, there are no poses, stat trackers, and quips under this tier.

The amount ofcurrency in a particular account also has an effect on price. For Apex Legends, there are two:

  • Legend Tokens – Regular currency obtained as a reward for playing matches.
  • Apex Coins – Premium in-game currency that is purchased with real money.

Either of these currencies can be used to buy Mirage, Caustic and Octane. Another thing you should take note of is that while both currencies can directly affect account price, Apex Coins affects it even more directly because it has a fixed price in US dollars.

You Shall Pass

Last, but definitely not least, would be the Battle Pass. If you’ve been playing Battle Royale shooters or even online games with competitive components in general for quite some time now, you already know how battle passes work. By giving access to new legends, weapons, and loot, an Apex Legends account that has one becomes worth more money than those that don’t by default.

The Battle Pass for Season 1 has already been released, so if you’re looking to buy an account that has one, now is the perfect time to do so, as the season has just begun.

Trading online game accounts is not an exact science. Thankfully, the Apex Legends Account Calculator provides a good way for players to gauge the worth of an Apex Legends account!