Choosing the suit for your groomsmen may be the last thing you would put on your checklist when it comes to wedding preparations. But if you can pull that suit off, it could have a significant impact on the look and feel of your groomsmen on that extraordinary day. Always consider options before jumping into that big decision. You can also make that day unique for your groomsmen with simple gifts and accessories they can also wear on that wedding day. The Practical Groomsmen Gifts from Groomsmen Gifts Mart

Specific Wedding Theme

Most weddings have specific themes like monogram. They can either be formal, casual, rustic, modern, contemporary and so much more. Among these themes, people would go for the three most basic themes to choose from when it comes to selecting suits for your groomsmen. The choices are between Formal, Casual, or Trendy. Always consider the wedding vibe. You wouldn’t want that suit to overpower the bride’s wedding dress, wouldn’t you?

Formal Suit and Tux

Having a tuxedo is a must for all men’s wardrobe. If you are planning a more formal wedding event, then choosing to have your groomsmen in tux should be a no brainer. Traditional weddings always go for this theme, but that does not mean that it should always be the apparent option.

The most common and necessary choices for the tuxedos are single button closure ones. They could be easily be buttoned up and unbuttoned if taking the tux off would be required. Pairing it with a bow tie or a necktie would depend on the wedding theme. Always consider how your groomsmen would look like with these options. You would also want to make sure that your groomsmen would look classy in their outfit.

The most common color of the tux would be black. Nowadays, people would also look at more up to date colors. Some people go for the chic white. Others would choose to go with a midnight blue suit paired with a black bowtie. With a touch of accessories like a pocket square, these looks are amazing.

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Casual Suits

The high end is another word you can use for this classic suit look. Casual suits give the groomsmen a little bit of wiggle room considering these suits can be a little bit lose compared to the formal suit. Men would have more wiggle room in these casual suits.

Groomsmen are provided with many color options when choosing a casual suit. Casual suits often have colors paired for both the suit and the pants. They can wear a blank canvas suit in gray, which gives them a subtle “I can handle it appearance. Choosing a casual blue suit would provide that light, fun, and lively feel for your groomsmen. Or you can be very bold and have your groomsmen wear a full-on white suit. Just remember to contact the laundry shop if ever you get wine spilled on that suit.

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Trendy suits give your groomsmen a little bit more flair compared to the Formal and Casual suits. They can go from plain to having pin dot patterns. For the trendy suits, the color does not always match the pants, but it is a must that the color of the pants should be darker than the color of the suit. This would highlight the upper body. We don’t want people to focus on the lower part of the body by choosing pants that have lighter colors than the suit.

Trendy suits may not be that traditional look you may be looking to achieve, but they can have that wow factor at weddings. It is edgy and relaxed and also more fashion-forward compared to a formal and a casual suit. Trendy suits can go with a tie, a bowtie, or sometimes a no-tie look as well. The tie and the bowtie also can be different. They may have prints like dots or pin lines or even checkered prints, too, and the overall look would still be fantastic.

In choosing your groomsmen’s suit, there is a lot to consider. Always remember to be smart when making these choices. Consider the budget and the season as well. You don’t want your groomsmen sweating all day long at your wedding. Hear them out when it comes to color choices. Making them feel comfortable with what they wear on that particular day would show on the pictures.