Elegant Monogram Theme to Make Wedding Personalized

Personalized wedding with monogram visually looks fantastic to show love of two people. Monogram themed wedding is becoming trendy in nowadays. It is the best way to throw a signature wedding decoration.

From bridal attire to wedding centerpieces and invitations everything is furnished with monogram to tell the sweet story of love, inspiration and admiration between two love birds. From nineties, this kind of wedding style innovated and still it is in fashion to add a personal touch in the wedding.

So if you are sailing on the same boat, you must pay attention to the monogram themed wedding ideas and rules to get the mesmerizing celebration. Please move your cursor down.

Monogram Themed Wedding Ideas

Monogram Wedding Invitation :

Wedding InvitationPlacing the designer monogram at the top of the wedding invitation card is an excellent idea to show elegance and sophistication. Your guests are sure going to learn the wedding theme after receiving the personalized monogram wedding invitation.

If you have selected your monogram design, you can easily produce a wax seal to press on the wedding cards. It will be easy for you to select the designs from the net. You will be provided numbers of monogram designs to choose and make a wax seal according to this print.

Aisle Runner :Aisle Runner

Let the couple enjoy walking on the aisle personalized with monogram style. Invite the wedding couple with very beautiful wedding aisle decorated with white rose petals. The soul of attraction is the monogram latter in the middle of the rose petals.

If you don’t want to go with white petals you can also use red rose petals or ombre design to highlight the grand entrance. No other idea will work when wedding couple walking down on the aisle of blooms in precious wedding ceremony.

Dance Floor Lighting and Design :

Light-And-Decoration for Dancing FloorBurn the dance floor with delighting monogram on the dance floor. If you have selected a monogram highlight this monogram on wedding dance floor. You can use special effects of LED lights for lighting your monogram on the dance floor. Give a monogram design to the light decoration expert and tell to visualize the monogram.

On the other hand, you can also use traditional oil lamps, glass candles, candle stand personalized with monogram. This will surely brighten and lighten the wedding place.

Wedding Cake :

Wedding CakeCeremony doesn’t end without cutting cake moment. If the theme is monogram why not use this on wedding cake too. Give the monogram design to expert bakers and tell them to impress it on the cake in a decorative manner. You can use three layer cake, for highlighting the monogram exactly in the center.

For the spectacular design you can use monogram as a cake topper. According to the color of the party, you can use silver toned, gold plated or even black color monogram topper for show’s topper wedding cake.

Dining Table Runner and Napkin :Napkin-decoration

Run the monogram party smoothly with choosing dining table cloth printed monogram design. From white to ivory, pink every shade of table cloth is perfect for decking the dinner table. You have many of the monogram actions you can use for signature dinner table decoration.


Like from wedding dinging table to napkin, paper cups, plates, glass candles which are spectacularly personalized with monogram. If you have a large budget you can also invite the dinner plates, wedding chairs customized with this.

Ceremony Petal Cones :

Ceremony-petals-conesLet the guests shower the petals using different monogram petal cones. Petal cone paper is printed with monogram. Make a cone shape of printed paper and fill the fresh petals inside.

Make one hole on the top and insert silk ribbons to tie on the chairs. Sounds interesting, when wedding couple walking down the aisle of rose petals and rose petals showered by guests too.

Dress of Bride and Groom :Dress-of-Bride-and-GroomIt is highly inspiring and motivating attire for both bride and groom. A Bride can embroider a wedding monogram on the wedding gown, while groom can personalize it on his wedding suit.

For personal touch bride can order the personalized cufflinks, while bride can draw the attention of guests by using a bride’s bouquet tied with monogram silk ribbon.

To create more excitement bride can use personalized handkerchief, personalized wedding ring, personalized earrings too.  A groom can walk in style with personalized wedding shoes. Well, there are unlimited choices of jewelry and attire you can personalize with monogram letter.

Wedding Favors :

Party-FavorFrom chairs to welcoming wedding board, candle lights to wedding chair everything can be personalized. For special backdrop, monogram design furnished with balloons or flowers looks great.

A flower girl carrying monogram personalized single balloon, wedding car or scooter back side or front side personalized with monogram.

There are many more interesting favors of decoration you can arrange as per your budget. Send flowers bouquet for the wedding couple if you are not able to join in their auspicious wedding event.

For mesmerizing decoration you can decorate the monogram letters with blooms. No matter it is a photo backdrop of welcoming gate, you can deck it with flower garlands or green garlands.

Prepare monogram design using power point Microsoft version, and take a hard copy of this. After selecting design you can follow it on all your wedding favors. The large variable designs of monogram available on the net, you can also take help from this also.