Camping Bachelor Party

Not everybody wants to go to a strip joint or partake in any kind of debauchery for a bachelor party.

Some people would rather bond in a more natural way with their best man, groom to be and groomsmen.

If that is your ideal scenario then camping is the best way to send your buddy off the right way.

Fresh air, cold beers and some camp cuisine is the best recipe.

Here are some ways to plan out a great camping experience for a bachelor party.

Bring swag for the groomsmen

Before you hit the trails and set up camp, make sure that you make it more of an occasion by giving personalized gifts to the groom’s party. Make it relevant to the camping theme and give them customized cooler chairs, or pocket knives. Even some engraved flasks are a great idea.

Groomsshop is an eCommerce store that can handle your order and will make it any way you like.

Having engraved stuff for everybody reinforces the bind and provides a nice way to remember the trip.

Be prepared

You might have a lot of plans to relax or even to have some adult beverages in excess. You have to remember that you are still camping, though.

Make sure you have all the things you need for a successful camping trip to make sure you can actually enjoy yourselves.

The right tents, sleeping bags, clothing and other comforts are super important to have a trip that doesn’t send you packing back to civilization.

Make sure that you have the right gear for rain, too. You can handle some wet weather if you are set up well.

Go to the right area

Have an idea of some of the things you want to do while on the trip. You can plan some fishing so make sure there is a lake where fishing is allowed nearby.

Tubing down a river is increasingly popular for guys camping as it is leisurely and perfect for drinking a beer while lazily floating down river. Plan your trip where that is an option if it sounds good to you. You’ll likely need to be outfitted by a guide or service that provides the tubes.

If all you want is to hunker down with some good drinks and doing some cooking then pick a campground with a cabin.

Rustic or serviced

Think about the type of guys you are to figure out what type of camping is best. If you like the idea of being off grid and sustaining yourselves naturally, then you have your pick of any campgrounds you see fit.

If you like the idea of glamping and having things more or less civilized, then you will have to research the right area near you. Find a place that caters to people looking for services like a fully outfitted cabin or luxurious tents if you are not hardcore outdoorsy types.

Either way, make sure you have some games planned and something to do besides sit in a tent even if you do go off grid.