Survival Knife

A knife or a gun? It is the decision you need to quickly make when you have to defend yourself and these two weapons are the only options. At first glance, you might pick a gun over a knife. That could be right when you have the license to carry a firearm and the proper training in using it.

However, in most cases, civilians are not capable of using a gun. Usually, the police officers, soldiers, and security personnel are the only persons who are competent.  But, almost everyone knows how to use a knife.

Having said that, important reasons why a survival knife is more important than a gun are discussed in this article. Pay attention and read carefully. This could be something you might consider concerning your own safety and security.

Knives are Easier to Use

As mentioned in the introduction, only members of the uniformed personnel are capable of using guns as a result of their rigid military training. But, almost, if not all civilians have knives at home used in kitchens. Therefore, no amount of rigid training is needed in order to use it as a defensive weapon against a sudden attacker.

Knives are Lighter

Obviously, guns are heavier than knives. It also consumes more space when kept inside a handbag. It is important thing when you go camping. Plus, it takes a lot of time to pull it up, aim at an opponent, and make sure the target is in the line of fire.  More so, you need to bring extra ammunition to keep your gun loaded.

In contrast, knives are light-weight and easy to pull out. It can be safely hidden, even inside a sling bag. When an attacker tries to charge you, you just bring it out and wield it. Even without aiming, there is a higher chance you can make a hit. Either a deep cut or shallow wound can scare away your opponent.

Knives are More Lethal

Frequently in news reports that most police officers are wounded or killed when the person they apprehended wielded a knife or a blade at them. But, very seldom do we learn that they were shot dead. This happens usually when an arresting officer takes more time to pull a gun before they can actually defend themselves.

Such a tragedy for policemen happens at close encounters when the apprehended assaults the police and tries to escape. They can safely and timely use their guns when the attacker is beyond 20 feet. Closer than that, they are good as dead. Thus, it insinuates that the best survival knife is deadlier and more dangerous than a magnum handgun, especially in close encounters.

Knives are Quieter

Presumably, you can avoid a gunshot than a wielding knife. Even with a silencer, a gunshot can still be heard. It’s really hard to determine being attacked with a knife unless it hits you.

Knives are more Useful

Of course, knives are more efficient than guns, especially with regard to the utility aspect. Survival knives have many usages such as slicing food, cutting rubbers, and even plowing the soil. In other words, knives can be used not only in combat but in household chores as well.


On that account, having a gun disposes us with uncertain protection mainly in close encounters. It is heavier and requires formal training and license to use. More often than not, it’s likely that you end up in worse situations when you resist an attacker with a gun.

Predominantly, it appears that knives have more edge than guns in most cases. It is more user-friendly, more discreet, lighter, and deadlier. By and large, possessing a knife may render us with unparalleled confidence in defending ourselves. For these reasons, a survival knife is more important than a gun.