Gardening and Landscaping Apps

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, it takes a level of responsibility to have a living green friend and take care of it, let alone have a full army of them, all depending on you.

Even though you’re a garden enthusiast, your busy schedule might not allow you to do that, or worse, your very ADD self might kick in, making you completely forget that you have plants you need to take care of.

As a result, you might feel very tempted and hesitant at the same time, whether it is wise to have your own little urban jungle after all.

Don’t despair though, as technology will side in and help you take care of them. Here are the top 10 gardening/landscaping apps that can make designing, building and maintaining a garden a total breeze.

Need Some Help to Find best Gardening Apps?

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#1. Garden Manager

Garden-ManagerThis free app for Android can be a great ally, even for the most experienced green pros. Garden Manager can help you get right on track with the necessities each leafy friend of yours need by setting different alarms for watering, fertilizing and pruning.

What’s unique with this app?

What makes this app great is the journaling option in which you can register all the details of your plants as well as taking photos of them and share them on social media.

#2. Smart Plant

smartplanWant to take your gardening/landscaping skills up to the next level? With SmartPlant you can do that with one single swipe. Not only does this Android and iPhone app connect with your plants and make their needs visible using notifications, but the app can go live on Amazon’s Alexa so you can instantly receive plant care advice in real time.

What’s unique with this app?

Even though the app is free, they have a premium membership that costs $3.99 per month or $35.99 a year. The premium version includes Q&A sessions from a plant expert, and unlimited access to both plant and pest identification.

#3. iScape

iscapeThough recently released, this IOS app is quickly becoming a favorite amongst landscapers. It combines all the elements of design, so you can envision how your landscaping project will look like without the need to make any construction drawings.

What’s unique with this app?

What makes iScape such an outstanding app, is the rich diversity of the features that the platform provides. They not only have design, envision and planning tools that will add pizzazz to something not so glamorous as project planning, they also ease the ordering process by having an internal inventory of every product that appears on your designs.

#4. Garden Tags

garden tagsIf you are looking for both practical advice and inspiration on how to tackle your garden or landscaping project, GardenTags is the app for you. This free Android and IOS app, is an all-in-one that will help you with everything you need to know.

Not only will you learn everything about getting the needs of your plants covered, but you’ll also get inspired by accessing an endless gallery of plants and garden photos provided by other users.

What’s unique with this app?

The gold in this app is the immense amount of knowledge you can get from it. GardenTags gives you access to a humongous, ever-growing encyclopedia of over 18000 plants. They also keep track of how each plant has grown throughout the seasons, so you can track their growth progress.

#5. Garden Answers

garden-answersThough being a plant identifier only, this Android and IOS app has become very popular because it offers the most complete high-quality information, that can only be compared to a British garden encyclopedia. Garden Answers is awesome!

What’s unique with this app?

Its advanced image recognition system can give you access to a variety of 20,000+ plants. In case a plant is not automatically recognized, the app puts you in touch with a professional botanist that will help you identify your plant. They will give you professional advice on optimal care as long as you pay for it.

#6. Into Gardens

intogardensThis app is primarily designed for the iPad, but it is also available for Android and IOS. Into Gardens brings a unique twist of knowledge and freshness as it is not only designed for taking care of your plants or crops. It also encourages you to embrace a sustainable way of life, by eating what you grow.

What’s unique with this app?

The advice offered in this app goes beyond design and plant caring. It is intended for people who live or want to make the transition to living a more rural lifestyle in the countryside.

#7. Flower Checker

flower checkerThis app is designed for identification purposes only and is available for Android and IOS. The big thing about Flower Checker is that only experts are involved, therefore you can expect the service not to be free. However, the $1.00 fee per consultation will not apply if they fail to identify the plant.

What’s unique with this app?

The expert advice is one of a kind. They take pride in identifying 90% of all the plant species on the planet. Now that’s what I call taking the business seriously!

#8. Perennial Match

perennial matchThough being designed for IOS only, this app can be downloaded on both iPhone and iPad with no problem. Perennial Match might cost $4.99 to download, but it helps you to plan and envision a perennial garden without laying down the physical blueprints. It is like no other.

What’s unique with this app?

This app helps you to envision up to 3 plant combinations and provides you with enough visual cohesiveness and information to help you decide if the perennial mix is a good fit or not.

#9. Agrobase

agrobaseThis free app is only for Android, and was originally intended for farming; however, the same principles can be translated to gardening. Here you can find a lot of info about bugs, plants and crops. Though it is not fully functional yet, Agrobase is already conquering the hearts of many users.

What’s unique with this app?

Their advice is more hands-on and is a really good source for pest and weed control. Also, you can create an inventory that best suits your own needs. Moreover, the app can function offline in order to help you identify pests or plagues in your garden or landscaping project.

#10. Grow It!

growitWant to share your garden’s progress on social media while you fight to make it a good place for wildlife? The GrowIt! app helps you to do exactly that. This app will help you to get technical advice on plant care as well as drawing inspiration from other fellow users that love to grow things around them. Go to

What’s unique with this app?

More than the app “per se”, the community that is in there is what makes it unique. You’ll get all the love, encouragement and support of like-minded people who share a love of plants and wildlife.