Mobile Games

Gone are the days when gaming is only limited to PC’s & consoles. Now is the time for something more fantastic. A gadget that has all the capabilities to become a solid gaming device with all the advanced functions. Yes, we are talking about a smart phone (Mobile). Nowadays the gaming industry is focusing on producing games for mobile devices. And some of the flagships such as the Rog Phone, is especially designed for the gaming purpose that you can easily get on discounts at Catch using the great Catch coupon code. Therefore, we have brought up this blog to guide you about 11 great games that are perfect for any mobile gamer specially kiddos.

Among US  

Price: Free (IOS & Android)                                                                                           

Well. This one has to be in the list because of the amazing gameplay and story. Just like hide and seek, this game is based on identifying the intruder among the crew. It is a multiplayer online game that can be played with other 4-15 players. Your mission is simple, find out the imposter and kill him to keep yourself save using your social deduction skills. You can also become the imposter and kill others until no one is alive. 

Sky Children of Light

Price: Free (IOS & Android)

Games are evolving from specific genres to something more calming. And Sky the children of light is one of the best among them. It is a beautifully crafted game made with perfection. It is an open world game with a simple mission, to find the fallen star. And to do that you have to team up with other players and make the job done. Throughout the gameplay, you will find amazing scenery, relaxing music & above all a fantastic story that needs to be played by the whole family.

Grim Valor 

Price: Free for first chapter (IOS & Android)

If you want to feel the nostalgic vibe of Zelda or Devil may cry. Then you should download this outrageous game. It is an offline action adventure, hack & slash platformer plot based on a dark mysterious world. You play as a warrior who is on a mission to restore the mysterious corrupted world. Take control of the powerful weapons along with various gears & magical powers to fight daemons and creatures. Wear amulets, loot and craft rare weapons to progress in the game until the restoration. 

Arena OF Valor 

Price: Free (IOS & Android)

Download this game right now on your device and get on the field of Valor to fight. It is a beat-em-up brawler game in which you have to eliminate other players using your powers and weapon. It is a real-time 5 vs 5 MMO RPG to uplift your mood. Fight, attack, spell, and defense to win within the time limit.

Angry Birds 2

Price: Free (IOS & Android)

Who does not love a bird that can destroy pigs using a sling shot? Well no one we guess. Angry birds 2 is a prime example of how should a sequel be. The second part is even greater in terms of levels, powers, and bird friends. You can also challenge other players in the arena, or take part in the guild, or simply clear missions to earn rewards. Just pick a bird and sling!

Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2

Price: Free (IOS & Android)

We still remember the time when Sonic the hedgehog is everyone’s favorite game. And, why it isn’t? You will not get to play with a blue hedgehog with the fastest speed in the world daily. You can download it on your mobile and bring back the 90’s back to life. Spin dash, run and eliminate Egg Man’s evil plans before he can destroy you or this world.

Subway Surfer

Price: Free (IOS & Android)

Yes, we know that many of you already know about this fantastic title. But wait, we simply can’t continue to move forward without mentioning it. As it is one of the fastest growing trends in mobile gaming. Just head towards the store and download it now to surf on the endless subway.


Price: Paid (IOS & Android)

Play as little girl who lost his voice in a tragedy and move on a journey to find her mom’s memory to overcome grief. Gris is an award winning game with a beautiful story line and a simple gameplay. Just jump and interact with the world to move further. As you progress through the game it gets more magical and soothing. And in the last, the ending is divine and emotional. The music & scenery is perfect. Therefore, the game recommends you to play with a headphone on that you can buy at discounts from Revounts. So, you can experience greatness.

Pokémon Go

Price: Free (IOS & Android)

Got to catch them all. Do you still feel the moment? This line has a separate fan base. And to keep the sprit high above, download Pokémon go right away from IOS or Android store and catch them all. It is an AI based collector game with tons of Pokémon’s to collect.  

Monument Valley 

Price: Paid (IOS & Android)

It is an indie puzzle game developed with perfection. You need to guide a silent princess by manipulating the architecture. Twist, turn, unfold & touch the optical illusion to pass the level. The game is a masterpiece, from music & gameplay to the theme everything is stunning. You will surely love it.


Price: Paid (IOS & Android)

This game is a piece of art. Extracted from the PC version. The mobile one might not have that much of features, but it really does impress the gamers worldwide. Build up the homeland to explore the infinite world of blocks. Play the survival or creative mode for endless possibilities. Create, or loot weapons, armors to defend yourself. Get on the multiplayer mode to play with friends, and more. So, head to the online store to download the game and play it to achieve glory.

Blog over!

There are more amazing games out there which just needs to be downloaded and played.  But be sure to enjoy the gameplay rather than focusing on winning all the time. We hope that now you guys have a better list of games to spend quality time alone or with friends. Moreover, try to have a timeframe in which you can play these gems, because playing games all the time can cause serve headache. So, keep yourself safe from getting hinged as these games are extremely addictive.