Free Music Websites To Downloads Songs

Do you know downloading songs from an unauthentic source can hamper the functionality of your Smartphone? If you are into music, then your Smartphone might be full of different songs. When you want to download a song that you can’t just get out of your head, Google shows the list of websites from where you can download songs legally.

If you often download songs from a spam website, you might as well welcome viruses in your device. These viruses can easily track all your data and you can be in a severe problem. This blog will discuss 15 best websites to download songs legally and satisfy your hunger for music. Want to know about those amazing websites? Delve into the write-up.

15 Legal and free websites to download your favorite songs

Ever since mobile networking started serving customers with unlimited high-speed data and Wi-Fi network, Smartphone users love to stay entertained on the go. With the rapid advancement of devices, downloading songs has become a prevalent trend. That’s what most people are after purchasing a Smartphone. If you are a person who loves to listen to songs, here is the list of legal websites that will quench your soul’s thirst for music.

#1. MIUI Music Player

It is a product of the popular custom ROM MIUI. MIUI audio player is one of the best legal apps for music lovers. It is simple yet elegant, with a user-friendly interface. It comes with an OS which allows users to search for songs online.

It also allows users to plays songs online. Interestingly, you can also download songs for free. When you search for one song, there is a download button at the right-hand side of the screen.

While hitting the button, the user will find an option to choose the quality and the format of the song. However, as it is a Chinese app, you will find many instructions in Chinese. But, once you explore the application, you will get your way.

#2. SoundCloud

This app can be considered the best to offer a considerable number of songs. You can listen to online songs for free. You can also download the songs to play them, as and when you please. It is an online music streaming community that facilitates uploading and downloading of songs.

The website acts as a platform for popular artists, providing them with an opportunity to upload their songs and interact with their fans. This is also an excellent platform for aspiring musicians. SoundCloud also gives you the chance to download songs. Just install the app and take a break from your routine of writing assignments and indulge in listening to the songs.

However, not all songs are for download. The songs uploaded by famous artists may not get downloaded. If the uploader has allowed the downloading of the song on various devices, only then you can go for it.  You will get the download option just below the song. You can do the same and enjoy the music offline. This app is available in both Android and iOS platforms.

#3.  Jamendo

Jamendo is the perfect place for you if you are searching for an extensive collection of indie songs or cover songs performed by aspiring singers. You can stream as well as download unlimited songs from this app.

Jamendo also allows you to support aspiring music artists by listening to or downloading their songs. Apart from that, many top class artists also upload their songs to this platform. You can literally download every song with just a click. According to records, in January 2015, Jamendo had more than 460,000 songs available for download. It made this app one of the largest music libraries.

Also, the application is available in 6 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Polish. This app is compatible with both Andriod and iOS platforms. You can use the same in your Windows and access from your PC or Tablets.


This app uses the slogan- “Free now and Free forever”. It is a new app that brings you all the latest songs by your favorite artists for free. This app also has a vast music library from where you can listen to any song from any genre you like. It also has a download option for multiple songs. You can download unlimited songs and enjoy listening to them offline.

The unlimited option of download and streaming makes sure that you never run out of great songs. The only limitation of this particular application is that it is not compatible with iOS platforms.

#5. Amazon MP3

Amazon has created quite a buzz these days by becoming the biggest online retailer to offer a wide variety of products. Music lovers have reasons to favor Amazon MP3, one of the applications that provide a free download on mobile apps. The quality of the songs is high, and it is also compatible in different formats. This is one of the most significant legal platforms to download songs.

However, the drawback of this app is that it does not allow you to download the latest songs. Nevertheless, it has a wide number of songs that you can download and listen to them offline. The most exciting part is, they have categorized the song into different genres to make your search hassle-free. You can filter your search accordingly and get the exact song that you want to add to your playlist.

If you own an Android phone, this one is definitely for you.

#6. PureVolume

PureVolume is a community for music lovers. It allows aspiring artists to create their profiles for free. They can sign in to the app and upload their music. The listeners can download the songs and vote for the songs to motivate the aspiring musicians.

In their profiles, the singers can have personal details, music and photos. This is one of the best platforms to promote talent, allowing the fan base to download the songs. This platform also has a large library of 46,000 songs. But, you cannot download the app and use it when you are offline.

#7. NoiseTrade

This platform is the best if you want to listen to the songs of popular artists from all around the world. NoiseTrade can be marked as the social network for the music lovers. It is also a good platform for book enthusiast. This is an open platform for the artists and their fans, where they can interact with each others in live chat.

You can a listen to the songs of your favorite artists and download them if you want. Additionally, you can also rate the artist and provide feedback. This can build a large platform for budding artists.

You can download as many as songs as you like. This is a legal website, and it will not charge you a penny. Compatibility with every device is what ardent music lovers want.

#8. BeSonic

To be honest, the setup of this website is not very trendy. You may find it a bit old-fashioned, but it is a great resource for music lovers. Here, the music is divided into five broad genres like Rock, Pop, hip-hop, Jazz, and mixed up.  You are allowed to download unlimited songs. Apart from that, when you want to search for any song, you can take help from the charts that the website updates every week.

BeSonic also has old classic songs which you can download easily. Thus, this platform is useful for someone who is fond of music of different genres.

#9. SoundOwl

It is a simple music platform that has different options available on their website. When you visit their website, you can find various categories such as music albums, latest tracks, popular songs, etc. When you click on any of the categories, you will be able to choose the music according to your need. Sub categories will help you to filter your search.

There is a download button that allows you to download different songs in any format. This app can run on Android, iOS and Windows. So, do not give it a second thought and download the app today for the best music experience.

#10. Google Play Music

It is needless to mention that Google Play Music is one of the popular apps in the world of music. It provides free and ad-supported radio stations based on songs, artists or albums. It has an easy browsing interface that you can use to search for any music you want. There is also an option for free download in PCs, and Androids.

You can subscribe to it and get on-demand access to millions of songs. Google Play Music allows you to download songs for free and offers a package which you can buy. However, if you want to download songs for free, there can be no other legal platform than Google Play Music.

#11. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is also one of those legal websites that offer everything for free. Starting from music to software you can download anything, without paying a single penny. It is a legal website and free from bugs. This website also gives you a chance to download audiobooks, live music, podcasts, etc.

It has a separate forum which is segregated into various genres. You can choose your category and download files from the same.

#12. SoundClick

This one is not as large as other platforms. Still, it deserves a decent mention in the list. It can easily quench your thirst for music with its different categories for music. There are thousands of popular artists who are selling their songs on this platform.

However, most of them are also giving their songs for free. You can download the songs from this legal website, or you can even buy the rights for the same.

#13. Vimeo

Although Vimeo is a video streaming website, you can download Mp3 songs from the site for free. Vimeo has a separate music store where you can find different songs to download and enrich your playlist.  You will have to sign-up to download the songs for free.

This app is also compatible with different platforms, starting from iOS to Windows. You can download free videos from this website too. But, for that, a different file format should be chosen to avoid any compatibility error.


This is one of the oldest Mp3 platforms available on the internet. However, this application lacks popularity because of the unimpressive music collection. You cannot find popular or latest songs here. Therefore, it does not have a lot of users.

Nonetheless, this website allows millions of aspiring music artist to share their songs and get connected to their fans. So, if you are an aspiring singer and want to be popular, this old platform can be your ultimate destination. You can download the songs without worry, as it is legal and unlimited.

#15. Free Music Archive

It is quite evident from the name itself that this archive is free and it doesn’t charge you when you download the songs. This site is a bit cluttered. Nevertheless, it offers a wide range of popular songs that you can download in your device. FMA offers the downloading option without registering.

You can also contribute to the site by uploading your playlist and sharing your personal music.

In conclusion,

To satisfy your appetite for music, you should take to these 15 amazing websites. Keep listening to your favorite songs and spread the love of music.

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