Procrastinators Guide to Essay Writing

Do you wait until the last minute to write an essay? Well, you are not alone many students write essays at the last minute.

A person who always does things the last minute is known as a procrastinator. Essay writing is a specialized writing, which has its own rules and regulations which need to be followed to the latter.

If you are a last minute person, especially if you write from home, you might miss the instructions and you will be in trouble with your professor.

The more time you spend reading the instructions the higher chances you have of understanding what is expected of you.

Even if you think that you are doing well in rushing the last minute you risk producing inferior essays and this might have an impact on your health too; you risk premature hair loss and undue stress.

This guide is meant to help procrastinators to the right way to tap into the creativity inside of them.

There are three types of procrastinators

A research conducted using MRI identify that they are two main parts of the brain, which control the ability to take action. These parts are amygdala and dorsal anterior cingulate cortex or dorsal ACC.

The functions of these parts and their volume control the actions of a person. Poor action control was more pronounced in individuals who had the amygdala function more pronounced than the dorsal ACC.

The function of the dorsal ACC is to use information and select what actions need to be taken while the amygdala assesses situations and potential consequences.

  1. Thrill seeker– this is a last minute person who enjoys working under the pressure against a deadline. If you are under this type, set deadlines before the due date so that you still get the pressure you need to write the essay and you will effectively utilize your time.
  2. Avoider – this is a fear procrastinator who for some reason fears to be judged whether negatively or positively. All you need to do is to know that you should never be ashamed of success and failure should not pull you down. Instead, failure is the best teacher because you know one way you shouldn’t write an essay. Focus on your work and not what people think about your work.
  3. Indecisive decisional procrastinator– this is a perfectionist who finds ways of shifting responsibility from themselves. You can deal with this by knowing that you do not have to be perfect all the time and let your intuitions lead you. With every mistake, you learn and split up your work into more manageable parts.

A procrastinator’s guide on essay writing

  • Choose your writing tools wisely

First, you need to find an effective program to use while typing your essay paper. If you go the old fashioned way using a paper and pen or use a smartphone you are at a disadvantage because nothing compares to the convenience of typing fast with fast editing tools like a word processor or computer. A computer writes neater and faster, giving you an advantage. The first phase is to develop a rough draft of the essay.

  • Develop a thesis

So the professor mentioned thesis and you think it’s complicated, it’s not. A thesis is the main idea used in the writing of an essay. If your paper does not have the main idea, then it does not have a thesis and you risk failing. You can use different methods to discover your thesis and even professors teach students on the different ways to discover a thesis in their work. Here is a quick and easy way to form a thesis. When these phrases considered you will come up with a thesis.

  1. Although (this is a general statement with an opposite opinion of what you want to talk about) ……’the earth is round.’
  2. Nevertheless (this is where you write your main idea) …….’the earth is flat.’
  3. Because (support your main idea with evidence)…….. ‘According to..’

With this simple structure, you can write an essay on any subject that comes your way.

  • Look for a contrast

A good essay should have a contrast; that is your idea should be different from the common idea out there. For example, most people think the world is flat, but it is indeed flat’. And from this form an argument which will be a good essay. Most of the time the professor will ask you to compare and/or contrast. The first thing is to decide whether the subjects given are the same or alike so that you compare then contrast what is it that is different between the two subjects.

  • Free write a rough draft

Now that you have your thesis it is time to write freely. Put our ideas down on paper freely without considering the grammatical errors, misspellings and such. Remember, you have the first statement why people think the earth is round, write every argument and any detail that you have heard about the subject before you get to write in detail as to why you think it is flat. Write all that comes to mind and with this, you will have a paper length essay already. This method is very effective because it gets rid of any block you might be experiencing in your writing, which makes you postpone the essay writing assignments.

  • Revise the draft

Now that you have a rough essay draft take time to correct spellings, paragraph alignment and adding sentences or words here and there to make sense out of everything. Break the three paragraph argument into smaller paragraphs and ensure that each paragraph has a main idea in it.

  • Look for logic

Now that your essay is starting to look okay with the idea put across it is time to find logical information which will be the background of the essay. This logical argument is going to be the introduction to your essay. The introduction is usually the general idea before you move into specific ideas in the main body. Look through and see that your essay flows freely in the idea. A flow of idea makes the essay interesting to read. A proper introduction can begin with a quotation from a well-known source.

  • Conclusion

So the introduction is moving from a general idea to a specific idea while a conclusion should be the vice versa. Write from specific to general. Try rewriting your introduction with the specific first, then to the general and you will have a conclusion.

  1. Because …….
  2. Nevertheless ……..
  3. Although………..

A conclusion can have a quote. Or better still the introduction can be a question and the conclusion should have the answer to the question. The main body is the argument about how you will get to the answer.

Finally, now you have a strong foundation for good essay writing and you have known ways to produce an instant essay, you can easily overcome procrastination. Just because you are a procrastinator you do not have to be hand in inferior essays. With practice, you will enjoy, essay writing.