Free Movie Download

Movies have always played a very crucial part in the entertainment quotient of our lives. For people, even today a movie date is quick to break for anyone from their stressful work life or personal life. Movies have always been the perfect content of refreshment for anyone and the debugging process for the working brains. 

There are different genres of movies that provide different levels of satisfaction to the viewers. Action, romance, patriotism, animation, horror, sci-fi, drama, documentary, biopic- there are so many to name. There is no such emotion in this world that a film reel cannot justify on the real platform. 

Movies are best celebrated when watched in the movie halls with the near and dear ones. Cine-max, Movie Halls, I-Max, theatres are the places where movies are released on a big screen and enjoyed by millions of people. 

However, there have been alternatives to movie halls as well, that also is of free. There have been sites where people can download their favorite movies and enjoy them sitting back at their homes, free of cost. 

There have been sites from where people can download movies for free; no registration, no login, no personal credentials to be needed to provide. There also have been platforms where people can exclusively watch the latest movies; those are called OTT platforms. However, the only difference between the free movie download sites and OTT platforms is that the latter one needs registration, subscription, payment, and open account with a personal email. id. 

The urge for free movie download became a trend and craze after the pandemic hit in the last year, 2020. All the public places were shut, put up with restriction of social distancing; even people’s homes turned into their offices from the last year. Hence, these free movie downloading sites have been the saviors. 

Here is a list of the top 10 best free movie download sites one can have free and unlimited access to download their favorite entertainment content of any genre or language. 

YouTube – 

YouTube is the most famous online platform from where one can enjoy unlimited sources of entertainment, both online as well as offline through downloading. YouTube kills the boredom of anyone who has nothing to do at all at home or anywhere. The contents here are authentic, high quality, and high definition. This platform makes the contents around the whole world accessible to anyone that has a stable internet connection. The biggest online entertainment platform is gradually investing in original programming and revenue streams. There are more than 350 movies available here with free access in HD quality. Besides, YouTube can be used from any device with ease. Such cross-platform functionality and easy interface have made it the world’s topmost used platform for downloading movies online; all one needs is to have access to an online YouTube downloader site like Y2Mate or Video DownloadHelper addon.

How to Download- 

i)Open Video Downloader.

  1. ii) Copy the new material and paste it into the Video DownloadHelper add-on. 

iii) Next, analyze the link and choose the audio, video quality for the movies, and the download speed. 

  1. iv) To conclude, download all the files shown on the pages. Now, enjoy movies with the highest qualities at home for free.  

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is the most popular platform on the internet for this purpose because of its high quality of legitimate content. Movies from monster movie platforms like Warner Bros, Fox Movies, and Universal Studios are available on this platform legally, with a license to have free access. The user interface for the platform and navigation is very easy for this platform. No other site can be an equal competitor of this site. One needs to have a sign up an account first, next, make a wish-list and there will be limitless recommendations from the site. Another plus point for using this site is there are both Android and iOS apps of Sony Crackle to have access through. Sometimes, some contents can be restricted from access. An external downloaded VPN can solve the problem within minutes. The two most important features that have made this platform world-famous are- free streaming of more than 100 legal movies and there are subtitles available for different movies in different languages. 

Pluto TV

What makes Pluto TV stand out amongst all the platforms used for free movie downloading is its layout. Pluto TV has an advantageous position amongst the platforms. It contains a huge number of movie reservoirs along with other TV channels and their contents. Most of the movies are accessible to people around the whole world through this movie platform; however, some are restricted to certain sections of the world. Some movies again are available only in the USA. However, one can have access to any movie from any region, if they have a downloaded VPN service. Besides, Pluto TV also provides its official application to many other popular platforms; and there goes the free entertainment of contents. Pluto TV also has its signature movie channel as well. The best two features of Pluto TV are- a) the unique interface; reflecting the traditional TV interface and b) the cross-platform availability.  

The Internet Archive

While one searches for the best movie downloading site in the Google Search Engine for free, the first site flashing on the screen or drop-down list is the Internet Archive. The popularity of this site is due to its extensive directory filled with entertaining movie content from every genre and every language. For the movie buffs, this is the heaven to reach out to. There was an issue previously taking place in the access of this site. It was providing direct links to the searched movies which were often found to be error links (big file sizes). Later, the issue has been resolved by access to the Torrent Links. Another best part of this free movie download site is its regular updates. In addition to that, it allows its user to create a virtual library card, free to have full and free access to forums, bookmark pages, upload videos, and more. The most remarkable features of this site are universal availability, and endlessly updated directory, and hassle-free movie entertainment. 

The Open Culture

The Open Culture is one of the most popular sites people access for downloading HD quality movie downloads. The diversity of this site makes it the only one in this open online market. Besides being an online free entertainment platform, it is useful for many other purposes as well. The Open Culture is divided into 6 main sections where the prime section is that of free movie download with high-quality audio and video. The other platforms are textbooks, E-books, Language lessons, Audio Books, and Online classes. The most important feature of this site is its enormous movie collection- more than 1150 movies are available for all the people to have access from here. All the latest movies, vintage movies, the greatest Charlie Chaplin movies, and Oscar-winning movies are available on this online platform. 


MoviesFoundOnline, as the name suggests, one can get all the movies available on the online platform here, for free. From the latest released movies to the old, vintage, classic ones- all language and all genres of movies are available here. The honesty that this site portrays makes it one of the most famous free movie downloading sites to many people. As this site hosts movies from other popular websites, it can be tagged and resulted in copyright and legislative infringement. To safeguard the consumers and users from facing harassment, the site administrators immediately delete and remove such files from the parent website or platform. Also, trending videos, short films are available here for free download. Besides, some other best features to mention of this website are- a) it has a night mode access as well for comfort browsing; and b) its accessibility around the whole world. 


Amongst all the famous movies sites that provide unlimited free access to the users to enjoy watching movies online as well as download them in high quality and high audio for free, Torrentz is a well-known name. Torrentz is an umbrella name; there are many sites under this parent name. The most popular one is the YTS. YTS has a very simple and easily navigating interface.  This is a better site than any other available here is because it can be downloaded in the handsets as it is available in Apps. Hence, the movies that one download using this site are smaller in size; hence save space in the drive. There are different categories of movie search as well to help the first-time user find their content easily. The movies are arranged alphabetically; also there is the most populous and trending movies list as well. Some unavoidable pop-ups and ads will come on the way; since it is free, one can bear this much. 


There is no comparison to the largest video streaming platform in the world, YouTube. However, Vimeo is very popular amongst the users as it is an independent platform from where people can create their portfolio and share their work as well. This platform has a very supportive and huge community.  The content quality is HD and 4K; the contents are streamed and available Ad-free. The contents, movies here can be downloaded directly by clicking on the download button at the bottom of every video. There are different qualities of the content the user can choose like SD, HD, Original Video Quality, or DVD rip. The server speed for both downloading and uploading in Vimeo is amazingly fast and high. Any content will be downloaded within moments, depending on its size. 


IMDB TV is the current version of the IMDB site which provides the same helpful service for the movie freaks who wants to enjoy their movies for free. The latest trending feature of this site is it is owned by Amazon. Also, the service is declared to be free to access to all the owners of Fire TV; only in the USA. For a beginner, the TV series and movies collection would mesmerize them. Also, the continuous users will know it is their regular updates of content that make them stick to this service for years. Remarkable features of this site are- free of cost, Cross-platform accessibility, and advanced title search.


This is the short name of the popular site- Your Internet Video. This site provides all the different qualities that all other above-mentioned sites provide to the users. In addition to that, the users can create a wish list they want to watch later. It is the best place for the user who wants to limit their collection to their most favorites. The content reservoir is more than one million. The search option can also be filtered by using release date, popularity, and age as well. Here, one can get both free and paid contents together. 

Some paid movie download sites names: 

Besides these free platforms, there are other OTT platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more where one can enjoy and download movies of their choice, but lawfully. Those sites need registration and subscription charges in exchange for excellent services. 

Whenever we feel a little down, de-motivated, alone, sad, it is always our favorite movies that help us cheer ourselves up. Above are the best sites to download movies free online for entertainment. 


All the free sites mentioned above are illegal sites that share content without authentic permission from the real production houses. We neither support nor promote any illegal indulgence or the act of piracy. The above article is written solely to spread knowledge about the topic. Downloading content from these sites is neither favorable nor advisable. It is always safer and better to download movies from the OTT platforms.