healthy food

Along with, your regular food habits if we slowly start making tiny changes that can keep us in a super healthy state. Whatever we eat our skin reflects, our gut behaves, the body responds to that. It is important to have a wise-eating. We got you food, that is multi-purpose in cooking and eating and multi-beneficial in terms of nutrients as suggested by one of the top Dietician in Bangalore.

#1. Berries:

Berries are such a versatile food that everyone loves it because of the taste and high fiber properties. It keeps you full and you can make smoothies, or add in fruit salad, will keep you full and in good shape. It’s a great memory booster.

#2. Eggs:

This protein-rich product is not just very beneficial for this reason but it also has important vitamins which are usually not resourced easily. And it is good for both weight-gainers and weight-losers. It saves your eyesight, improves hair and skin, also strengthens the muscles. Eggs can be served in all the meal times and in a variety of recipe.

#3. Broccoli:

Any balanced régime is lacking without the touch of green, and broccoli is so full of vital elements for health, like vitamin A, C, and k which is so healthy for your bone. Broccoli is considered as one of the bests for detoxification that you can do through smoothies or salads. Even it combats with cancer cells.

#4. Oats:

Oats are so fiber-rich and one of the healthiest complete meal that most of the people love eating it. It is one superfood that adding it can keep you healthy and away from many obesity issues. Oats are whole-grain. It fits good with yogurt, berries, granola, milk and peanut butter. You can also make smoothies of fruits with oats for thick and tasty sips.

#5. Tea:

you must be thinking why tea is the part of superfood but let us tell you that having a limited amount of tea is really healthy and keep you away from diseases like Alzheimer’s and some sort of cancers too. Because of the presence of antioxidants – like flavonoids. You can choose any tea but green teas are good.  But should not be taken in excessive amount.


Vitamin C can do wonders to attain a super healthy state. This is also helpful to retain good skin and in repairing the whole body, but we ignore oranges for that matter. But oranges are rich with vitamin C, help to fight with outer bodies and infection. It protects the body from free radicals also and boosts the productions of collagen.

#7. Nuts:

when fruits are so good then how good could be the dried fruits. They can do everything by producing most of the important nutrients to the body. It is healthy for the heart, carries efficient fiber just in a handful, protects against insulin resistance, fights with free radicals. And Some nuts like walnuts also increase your mental age because of having good amount omega 3.

#8. Yogurt:

yogurt being produced by bacteria is so healthy. Probiotics can keep up your gut in great state. It is the healthiest way to consume calcium, and other necessary minerals and proteins like potassium, zinc, riboflavin, vitamin B12, and protein. but avoid flavored yogurts as they are high in sugar.

#9. Spinach:

it comes with great benefits for the body, being a vegetarian it is fiber-rich and naturally good in providing you the essential amount of iron along with Vitamin A, K, E and also potassium, magnesium. They are great in losing weight, brain feed, and fighting diabetes and cancer.

#10. Sweet Potatoes:

they are a good source of carbs, with some vital antioxidants like beta carotene and alpha. Just about a medium length of sweet potato can provide you an efficient amount of Vitamin A and other health benefits.

To be super healthy, it is not the one food that serve you everything but blend of different food types and recipes but taking the right amount at time is the key.