mold toxicity

Mold is only good in the garden. In-house mold can literally kill you. Its exposure is invisible. It might be present in your environment around you. Sometimes it is growing between the brick wall and the paint. Analyze the environment, and if there are in-house molds , then mold remediation is a must.

Before we discuss the symptoms mold toxicity. Let us understand the basic facts about molds.

a) What are molds

Mold is one of the 200,000 species of fungus. It helps break down material. It produces spores, which consist of microscopic cells. They spread and create new mold colonies. It can be prevented from spreading by commercial mold removal techniques.

b)  How are molds formed

The key factor for mold growth is moisture. Other favorable conditions for the growth of mold are darkness, warmth, oxygen and food source.

c)  Why molds are formed in-house

Unattended areas often form mold. A food source for mould can be wood, paper, fabric or wall. It grows in a natural environment.

Now let us discuss mold toxicity and its 14 symptoms

In-house, mold has serious impacts on the skin and overall health. People affected often show mysterious and strange symptoms. Mold symptoms can be like chasing a ghost. Symptoms are really crazy. You can never think of them as mold symptoms.

Sinus infection

Sinus infections often catch people living in leaky homes. Mold can take up root in your sinuses. A running nose is also a symptom of mold sickness.

Choked throat or throat pain

Extremely toxic levels of mold present around you can choke your throat. Never ignore even a single sign of mold sickness like a little pain in the throat.


Sensitive people feel headache in the initial stage of mold toxicity on the body. Wet items near you are the probable cause of the headache.

Chest heaviness

If your lungs have become the target, then you will come to know by feeling chest heaviness. It might sound horrifying, but possibly your lungs are becoming a new mold colony.

Eye itchiness or eye blurriness

Eyes are one of the most exposed and moist parts of our body. So if toxicities are present in a house, they will not spare your eyes. You may experience blurred vision and/or itchiness.

Racing heartbeat

This happens when you have a high level of toxicities present in your body, and most of your system is affected. The people with low immunity or kids can lose their lives if proper medical help is not provided timely.


It is one of the hidden symptoms of living in a mold affected house. The growth of micro-organisms does not let you fall asleep. A clean and damp free surrounding is essential to ensure sound sleep.

Skin allergies

This is the most common impact of long term presence in the mold affected house. It can also result in cancer in severe cases. Other most common affected places are where flooding has occurred. The result of too much exposure to water results in mold production and eventually skin allergies occur in masses.

Hormonal imbalance

There are species of mold that even give an estrogenic type of micro toxins. You might face estrogen metabolism issues. This can even get as severe as a cause for miscarriages in women.

Neurological problems

Ignorance of living in mold affected area is the cause of serious problems ahead. It may even target your neurological system. It is hard to comment on how much mold toxicity would be responsible for such consequences.

There is not one sure shot remedy. One must immediately start helping their body get these micro-organisms out. However, the first step towards recovery is to get rid of in-house mold completely. It is a tedious task so better seek professional help for mold remediation.