Plus Size Fashion

There’s a few plus size fashion rules circulating around that need to be put to rest. For the curvier women out there, no one should decide on their behalf what you can and can’t wear based on some invisible social standards. All bodies deserve to be seen and you deserve to wear what you feel comfortable in, whether you wear plus size clothing or not. Let’s go about breaking some of the more common plus size fashion ‘rules.’

Bright Colors Draw Too Much Attention – Only Wear Black

Black is chic and basically, everyone looks great in black. So there’s no shunning black in your wardrobe. If black is the only shade in your wardrobe though, then maybe you need to reconsider if you’re actually a goth a heart or you’ve unconsciously subscribed to this old myth that curvy women should only wear black to ‘hide the curves.’ This rules implies your curves are better off unseen than seen. Like… what?! You’re not worthy of attention? Hell no. You are not here on this planet to simply fade into the background like some wallflower. Wear whatever color your beautiful big heart desires.


Don’t wear bold prints and shapes


The previous rule blends into the concept that curvy girls ‘shouldn’t’ wear bold prints because it draws too much attention. Who made up this rule anyway? If you like triangles, then wear triangles. If you have a deep attraction to all things leopard print, then listen to that inner spirit animal and let it be seen in all its glory. If you like hexagons, then wear your hexagons with pride. The only rule to follow here when it comes to bold prints is to not be a square about it.


Keep away from stripes


The idea came about that plus size women shouldn’t wear stripes, namely horizontal stripes, because it simply creates the illusion of you being wider than you really are *eye roll*. Meanwhile, vertical stripes help to elongate the body and make you appear taller and slimmer. Look, the truth is, there’s no deceiving anyone if you’re 4 foot tall or 4 foot wide. So why try and hide it? 

Stripes are forever doing the rounds in fashion. One season it’s in and the next it’s out. If there’s one thing we can be sure of here, is that it will no sooner be back in vogue. So having a few staple striped pieces in your wardrobe is a must – no matter your size. Now you needn’t go full steam ahead with stripes and channel the whole sailor look to make them work for you.


Don’t wear tight pants (or tight anything for that matter)


The only reason anyone, no matter your size or shape, would not want to wear tight pants is if they don’t feel comfortable in tight pants or they don’t like the way a particular pair rides up their backside. But this problem can happen no matter the size of a person. The truth is, it says more about the make of the pants than the person. Find a good brand that knows how to make clothes well, and wear those tight jeans or leggings with pride.


Only say yes to the dress that hides your curves


A plus size fashion rule like this seems to imply plus size women are resigned to wearing only moo-moos. This rule about plus size dresses can very easily be tossed aside. Balloon style dresses are a yes-yes! A-line dresses are a yes! Short or long. Shapeless or tight. All cards are on the table!


Cover up at the beach


The notion that no one wants to see your body at the beach is a can of spam. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. If you’re so inclined to cover up whether you feel more comfortable that way or you’d prefer to not go home looking like a burnt tomato, a kaftan can be a stylish, chic way to cover up. Truth be told, many people are too self-absorbed and feeling too insecure in their own skin to notice you anyway. It’s a sad (but also relieving) fact about being human.


Accessorize Like Crazy and Always Wear Heels


If you feel inclined to deck yourself out with bling like a Christmas Tree, go for it! But if you’re more into the understated and subtle chic minimalist look, then you do you. You shouldn’t feel you need to compensate your looks with additional accessories or killer heels just because you’re curvy. No woman should feel pressured that she needs to be more or do more to herself.

At the end of the day, the concept of ‘rules’ in fashion should mostly be ignored. Fashion is an opportunity for many women to express creativity and reflect their own personality in what they wear. Clothing can say a lot about a person. Allowing someone else to dictate this for you is doing yourself a real disservice. But if you are someone who is more than happy to have someone else make these decisions for you because you just don’t care that much, then that’s okay too and all the more power to you. Don’t, however, box yourself into a list of rules if you want to wear what you want to wear. No matter what size the tag on your clothing says.

Author Bio: Leanne Lee loves fashion to no end so she writes about it, reads about it and basically lives and breathes it everyday. She’s an avid collector of oversized handbags, indoor cacti, and loves a good G&T to cap off the week.