People walk by Shops at Airport

Bringing a present for someone always brings joy.

Airports make great alternatives for shops. You never know what treasures you may find here.

Following are a few tips and tricks for affordable and time-saving shopping at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX parking).

Go ‘By the Book’

It is always better to go through the shopping catalogue before you land at the airport. Discovering what’s inside those stores that you want to buy makes your shopping a lot more convenient.

The next step is to look online for any discounts that may be ongoing at those stores. It is also advised to note down these details in a notepad that you can carry to manage your shopping.

There are also specific store directories available both offline and online, and can help manage shopping.

Save Maximum Amount of Time

One great tip to maximize your shopping experience is to keep an eye on the amount of time you’re spending at  a store. Spending a lot of time in every store might cost you to miss some crucial items on the list.

Setting an alarm to conclude your shopping in time is more important if you are a traveler using connecting flights.

Another way to complete your shopping in time is to buy items from a select number of stores to save money and time.

Bring Variety to Your Shopping

There are several shops in each of the eight terminals of the airport.

From luggage and books to edible items and boutique, there are many items to select and choose from. You will be spoilt for options!

Don’t Buy at the First Glance

Buying at the very first glance of spotting an item may cost you to shell more bucks. Instead, visiting a number of stores for a particular item allows you to compare the prices before making the purchase.

Furthermore, it may also allow one to know about other discounts, and then make the decision. There’s also always a chance that you will find a better product or item once you know about the available variety.

Strategize Money Saving

Start your shopping from the items that you really need. Doing so will help ensure that you don’t run out of your money too soon.

If you’re buying items like clothes, always remember to try them on beforehand especially if there is a ‘no return’ condition applicable in the store.

Another good way to save your money on shopping is to remember to redeem any points that you earned earlier.


The aforementioned tips and tricks can help you shop at the LAX airport in an affordable and time-saving manner.

The airport provides the facility of parking at several terminals, and the booking can be made online.

It is always better to plan your shopping in advance to do it efficiently and smartly! So let’s do it!