Eulogy Planning guide

The opportunity to read a eulogy at a funeral is a chance to say the cherished things about the deceased person. It is also a chance to tell others more about the deceased, their accomplishments and even their desires to the people attending the funeral. In most cases, eulogies are written from the heart without any research. While simple messages will make a good eulogy that will be appreciated by the people at the funeral home, a little research goes a long way in providing a well-received eulogy

Since funerals can be a trying and sad time, there may not be much time to think on how to write a touching eulogy. Here are some of the pointers to help you write the best eulogy for your lost loved one.

Do some background research

Before you start writing a eulogy, it is important to gather all the biography details about them. Some of the important details include the day they were born, their early life and career, their friends, their passions and even their dreams. You can also research their social and private life, their marriage life and the number of children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren they had. Take note of the special things that were unique for them, for example, their hobbies and even their favourite joke. To get this information, you can ask their children, spouse and even siblings and colleagues.

Start writing

After you have done all your research, you can start writing the eulogy. When you are writing the eulogy, it is important to pick a theme depending on the preference of the deceased. For example, if the deceased loved outdoor activities, you can choose this to be your theme and share memories in that line of thought. This way, you are able to give people a clear picture of the life of the deceased and give the favourite memories you shared with them. Ensure that you bring out their unique personality in the eulogy and remind people about the fun times that both you and they shared with the deceased.

Edit the drafted eulog

This is a very important step to ensure that the eulogy is well written and presented. Keep on practicing on how to present the eulogy during the memorial service. When you are practicing on your delivery, you will be able to compose yourself and even make some changes to the draft. Ensure that the eulogy is comforting, and it does not give the people attending the service too great a sense of loss. Once you have made all the corrections you need to make, add a closing statement and proofread your eulogy.


When you are practicing the presentation of the eulogy, it is important to ensure that you have a person to give you an honest opinion. This is very helpful because it will give you insight on the areas of your eulogy that require correction and even ideas on some of the things to add to your eulogy. When you are drafting the eulogy, ensure that you use a good font size and spacing to ensure that you do not struggle to read it during the delivery.