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Most of the safe drivers in UAE are being urged to take the benefits associated with the no-claims discounts of up to 20% that falls under their car insurance coverage. These no-claim discounts can be availed by following the rules and regulations of UAE which took charge since the beginning of the year 2018. The charge was brought about by the UAE Insurance Authority where they urged the drivers to claim no-claim bonus on their Online Insurance UAE or any other related Cheap Car Insurance UAE. The new set of rules has encouraged the motorists in the UAE to avail; up to 20% bonus on renewing their Online Insurance UAE. This has significantly brought around a market shifting trend in the most sophisticated manner which is looked forward to in the recently advanced ear.

The benefits associated with the no-claim bonus for the drivers in UAE

A lot of times it is seen that most of the car insurers do not adjust the premiums for the renewal of the policy, irrespective of the no-claim bonus being present. This often marks that an individual has not claimed for their car damage and hence it is associated with lesser risks for the insurance. This issue was recognized by The UAE Insurance Authority and formulated their latest amendments in the regulations which made it mandatory for all the insurers to give away a discount on the car policies for the drivers who have not claimed the benefits and want to do a renewal of the same.

  1. The amendments were announced earlier this year where people who were claim-free could avail up to 20% discount on the Cheap Car Insurance UAE renewal.
  2. The no-claims certificate is provided entirely free of cost to all the people who renew their car insurance policy either through Online Insurance UAE or offline mode.
  3. The amendments levied by the governing body have encouraged a lot of people to actively renew their car insurance policies to avail the discounted rates.
  4. There is a huge competition seen among the insurers with significant price decrease to grab the customers and make them renew the policies from their companies at the minimum cost through discounted rates.
  5. There are a lot of price adjustments done by several insuring firms in the UAE and accommodate the no-claim bonus and discounts in the minimum price possible when the drivers have their no-claim certificates handy.
  6. The latest amendments in the insurance policies also cover electric vehicles and motorbikes.
  7. There are inclusions for the fleet owners too in the amendments.
  8. The amendment has given all individuals the freedom to choose from the best quotes and prices given by the insurers.

Measures were taken for the no-claim benefits for car insurance in UAE

The measures taken for the no-claim bonus by the authority in the UAE is considered as the primary step towards starting a pleasant journey for the originality of the prices without it being foul. There are a lot of improvements that are to be made in the regulations and laws by the states as they are continuously modifying and planning on the same. The discussion of the insurance being covered under the distance traveled by car is also going to be soon taken under considerations as per the discussions of the committee. The lack of sophistication in the pricing system throughout UAE for the car insurers has made this law of no-claim discount mandatory throughout the province which has caused the insurers to impose fairer pricing system for the ordinary people to benefit from the plans and discounted rate methodologies.

There is a fair inclusion of the driver verification within the system for availing the no-claim bonus as the quotes are determined based on the driving history of the driver. The best quote determination can be done through the Cheap Car Insurance UAE and the Online Insurance UAE determination websites that create the most useful comparison chart of prices from various firms. The claims mentioned that the owner who has never met an accident with their cars and has not claimed the insurance would be entitled to the reduction of 20% in the premiums while they renew the Online Insurance UAE for their cars.

Past rates and charges imposed by the car insurers

Before the formulation of the amendments was passed under the law, there were several car insurers throughout UAE who traditionally charged the customers higher by adding up the fee for administration to provide them with the no-claim bonus certificate. Even after the law has been passed, certain insurers charge additional money for the Online Insurance UAE no-claim bonus certification. This has been brought down to the notice of the authority, and they are soon going to formulate some legal actions against those insurers. Under the new regulations, if an individual has not claimed their car policy, they are entitled to a free no-claim bonus certificate while they pay for the renewal of the policy. The insurers are ruled and commanded to offer the no-claim bonus certificate to every individual who renews the policy if there are no claims for a year or more from their side on their existing automobile policy.

Cheap Car insurance UAE policies

Most of the insurers throughout UAE are taking a giant leap towards this sophistication of the pricing methods introduced by the governing authority in the province. They are starting to examine the driving style and pattern of the drivers using a simple mobile application to keep everything transparent. People who agree to run the application while there are driving can readily be granted with the benefits and savings on premium renewals up to 20%. This also helps them to mark themselves as safe drivers on the road. Some of the best policies that people throughout UAE readily take either because of it being Cheap Car Insurance UAE or easily accessible Online Insurance UAE is as follows:

#1. Noor Takaful Car Insurance

The Noor Takaful Car Insurance covers all aspects including car damage and loss. The insurer provides comprehensive and third party liability package among which the comprehensive is most in demand.

#2. Al Fujairah National Insurance Company

This insurance firm is in the marketplace for more than 40 years and proving its worth and validity for a long time. The location of the Al Fujairah Insurance is in the east of UAE. The policy and coverage are served all around UAE and the Emirates for a multitude of clientele.

#3. Tokio Marine motor Insurance

The Tokio Marine motor Insurance is considered as a cheap car insurance UAE insurer where buyers can benefit from the 3-year agency repair insurance service and also get covered for damages caused due to natural calamities.

#4. Oriental Car Insurance

Oriental Car Insurance allows the buyer to give their quote for the car’s policy and also buy Online Insurance UAE. The add-on premium coverage for the cars other than accidents and loss gives an additional trust to the people buying the policy.

#5. AXA Car Insurance

This is one of the top insurers throughout UAE and is also among the Cheap Car Insurance UAE providers. The AXA Car Insurance is a global leader in providing insurance to vehicles. People can avail additional discounts on the Online Insurance UAE insurance coverage when they book their insurance through this provider.

#6. Abu Dhabi National Takaful Co. P.S.C

The Abu Dhabi National Cover Takaful is one of the leading insurance providing brands throughout the UAE. The insurance coverage is provided to corporate clients and individuals too.

#7. Qatar Insurance Company

This is the oldest insurer in the UAE as it was started in the year 1964 in Doha. The insurer is unique, and people can avail the insurance plans as they want to get it in the most affordable rates. There are options to avail the insurance through Online Insurance UAE mode.

#8. AIG Car Insurance

This is the simplest insurer that people across UAE trust and rely on due to its simplicity in providing the insurance claims at the time of need of the customers. The insurer takes the safety of the customers as their priority. The quotes for the insurance policy can be gained at a faster speed than most of the other competitors. The renewal schemes are hassle-free and give the user claims with a quality car repair service on demand.

Final Word

People throughout the world tend to get the Cheap Car Insurance UAE with the maximum benefits that they serve. The better are the deals provided to the customers; the more do the insurers gain a stable customer base. The increase in the competition levels of the insurers present throughout the province is hugely benefitting the customers to a great extent as the prices of the policies are getting stagnant and competitive that people can afford easily. The no-claim bonus has brought around huge benefits to people who have cars throughout the UAE.